What an honor.

You can hear it all here. (Thanks to Greg Aymond for uploading the audio clip).

I’ve got the transcript (and my commentary) after the jump:

Bob Madison: Alrighty, you know, I understand there’s been some confusion about who you are, Mr. Coco.

Steve Coco: There is?

Bob Madison: Yes, u-hum.

Steve Coco: Oooo-kay.

Bob Madison: On somebody’s website…

Steve Coco: Oh, somebody’s website!

Bob Madison: Hahaha!

Steve Coco: Oh really?

Bob Madison: Have you seen that?

Steve Coco: Uhhhh… not really, I heard about it though.

Bob Madison: Oh, okay, well.

Steve Coco: Now, okay, well, ‘splain it to me.

Bob Madison: Well, ‘splainin’ it to you would sound something like… there’s a lack of candor about your being a Police Juror member on this radio program and so, you know, we could do a whole background on you if you want to. It might take about twenty seconds, but that’s…

Steve Coco: Yeah, that’s right an expose would last about twenty seconds… haha.

Bob Madison: Haha! You hope that’s all the time it would take!

I have to jump in right here, considering this entire exchange is about things I allegedly said.

I have never said there has been a “lack of candor” about Mr. Coco being a member of the Police Jury on his radio show. Never. I’ve poked some fun at some of the commentary on his blog site. I’ve reminded folks that he is, in fact, an elected official, which he clearly discloses on the “About” page of his website. I’ve criticized and poked fun at a “politician” operating a “politically incorrect” blog.

Another blogger understood my comments to suggest that Mr. Coco never admits that he is an elected official. I don’t mean to mince words here, but there is an important distinction: I was referring, specifically, to Mr. Coco’s role and responsibilities, as a politician, of operating a definitively “political” (yet “politically incorrect”) blog. Of course I know he is a Police Juror representing the people of Alexandria.

Steve Coco: Well, you know, I guess it is an unfair advantage being a media… recovering media jockey and being a radio announcer and a Police Juror. Although, I know, being a Police Juror is, you know, that’s high muckety-muck. That’s way…

I don’t think the “recovering media jockey” line works if you are a media jockey hosting a daily morning radio show.

If Police Jurors aren’t “high muckety-muck,” then how many people does Mr. Coco represent? What is the threshold between muck and “high muckety muck”?

Bob Madison: The feeling that this was something. The original blogger… had it in for you or something along those lines.

I’ve never had it “in” for Steve Coco. Maybe I shouldn’t be admitting this, but I voted for him, actually. Though I have since moved out of his district, I still have investments in his district.

Steve Coco: Oh, I can’t imagine that. Well… I think the original blogger, who you’re talking about here… and all… just to be really transparent and honest about it, the blogger… that the original blogger that you’re talking about is Lamar White, Jr., and Lamar White, Jr., folks, is a full-time Mayoral Assistant, and his salary is paid for by the taxpayers of Alexandria. So that should be pointed out right away. And anything he says about me… there’s an old saying, Bob: If you take the king’s coins, you sing the king’s song.

Bob Madison: Wooo… repeat that, please.

Steve Coco: If you take the king’s coins, you sing the king’s song. And you gotta point out, if he’s a blogger, if he’s got an issue with me wearing two or three hats, he’s a full-time Mayoral assistant paid for by the City government of Alexandria. Just to make sure that everyone explains, understands what the situation is. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t have a problem with it. But I think everyone should know that.

Bob Madison: Okay, nothing untoward.

Steve Coco: No, I could care less.

Bob Madison: I love that word!

This is so bizarre to me: An elected official, at the top of the segment, claims he’s never read what I’ve written. He says he’s only heard about it. Then, at the end of the segment, he reveals to his co-host, who apparently was tasked with “‘splainin'” the story to him, that he knows I am the “original blogger.” What, exactly, did he read? Did he read what someone else wrote and then take his opinions to the radio without actually reviewing the source material? Because, to me, that is what he is implying.

Based on what Mr. Coco said: I can only conclude that he is criticizing me and what I have posted without ever having read what I wrote. (I’ve read everything Mr. Coco’s written on his blog and have no problem admitting that).

As a taxpayer in Rapides Parish, I also contribute to Mr. Coco’s salary as a Rapides Parish Police Juror.┬áLet’s get that of the way, along with all the “king’s song” hyperbole.

I want to be clear: I don’t think Mr. Coco is a bad person with bad intentions, but I know, without any doubt, that Mr. Coco, as an elected official, has the immediate ability to discuss issues and information with other officials and experts. He doesn’t have to rely on the things he’s “heard.” He always has the ability and opportunity to go straight to the source, instead of relying on blogs.

I also have to wonder, given his belief that he is a “recovering media jockey,” how much he pays Cenla Broadcasting, the same company for which he allegedly works, in order to air radio commercials for his personal blog site?

Considering his website is concerned, in large part, about local politics and he is an elected official, does he pay for these advertisements through his campaign?

Does does Cenla Broadcasting pay him for his radio show? I’ve heard he doesn’t get paid at all. Is this true?

Does he or will he disclose these advertisement payments on his campaign finance reports?

Or will all of these questions- hahaha- just be a talk radio joke?

2 thoughts

  1. Are you serious? You work for the mayor full time and you run a political blog? Shouldn’t you be fired from your job for doing that? Are you posting stuff during your working hours? I hope you aren’t doing this during your on the clock time. Somebody should do an open records request on you.

  2. Yes, Jason, I am serious. I am an unclassified employee who has the right to express my opinions, even on politics. And no one pays me or provides me with anything of economic value for operating this blog, which I do from home and on my personal computer.

    I don’t receive free ads on the radio, for example. I’m not an elected official either, Jason.

    Thanks for your concern.

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