Greg Aymond’s writing about me again. This time, he spelled my name correctly.

Here’s what he said (among other things):

What is apparent is that Lamar is continuing his attack upon Steve because he is either prompted to do so or seeks to curry favor with his boss, Alexandria Mayor Jacques Roy. That is the way that Lamar and Jacques operate, attack those that disagree with them. You can agree with them on some things, but one disagreement earns you a personal dislike and an attack.

There is a difference between criticizing someone and attacking them, sir.

I am not attacking Mr. Coco. I’m just poking fun at some of the commentary posted on his “politically incorrect” blog. Clearly, he acknowledges that he is an elected official.

On a very basic level, I find it interesting that a politician publishes and operates a blog that he advertises as not being “politically correct,” and I think that on a number of occasions, he has allowed for the “anonymous” publication of reckless accusations and a handful of petty, nasty comments, which are rarely, if ever, refuted by him, the moderator and operator (and I know that some of his posts about the Downtown Hotels project were factually off-base).

It’d be one thing if he were just a pundit with a radio show, but I think it is important that folks remember he is also an elected official, representing the people of Alexandria on the Rapides Parish Police Jury… and who advertises his free blogspot site, which appears to not have any advertisers of its own, on local radio (I recently heard a commercial for it on 96.9. Who owns that station?).

No one is “threatened.” For me, it’s about ensuring that readers understand context, perspective, and the facts.

I don’t consider what I have said to be an “attack,” sir. It’s a criticism I have based on my own observations and readings.

And I don’t intend for anyone to take it personally. I operated a blog that welcomed unfettered anonymous commentary for a year or so. I think it was a mistake. I’d get blamed for comments that other people made, as if I endorsed everything that every anonymous contributor ever wrote; too often, the conversation devolved into a discussion about personalities and not policies. It was actually counter-productive. Today, I don’t have a problem publishing anonymous commentary, as long as it’s on subject and an e-mail address or a legitimate IP address is provided. If you’re spamming the site, your comments will be deleted. If you’re using an IP proxy, you will be called out. And if you are, consistently, a mean-spirited jerk, I don’t have room for you. Truth be told, I’d prefer if this site required people to register a legitimate account with WordPress before commenting, but I fear, for now, that would stifle the conversation. It’s not about spying on people (the information with which I am provided only allows me to know the location of a user’s server); it’s about accountability and, yes, transparency. It builds integrity.

Either way, again, there is a difference between “attacking” and criticizing.

As a refresher, Greg, here is just a sampling of the things you have posted about me during the last few months. Are you attacking me or criticizing me? I’d really like to know:

Let’s talk instead about your writing a politically partisan blog while you are on the City’s payroll Lamar. Lamar White, our tax dollars at work. So go back to work Lamar, and write some more to appease the hippy finger snapping liberal beatnik society of young people who mostly live out of town, and leave the real stuff to those that have a clue as to what real life is all about, like Steve Coco.

First, if it is not already apparent, this is my personal blog, written by me and on my own time. It’s not subsidized by tax dollars. No one tells me what to write. And I won’t relinquish my freedom of speech simply because you don’t agree with some of my political opinions.

Question for you, Greg: What do you, me, and Mr. Coco all have in common?

Answer: We all operate “political” blogs, and we all derive some portion of our income from the United States Government. And Greg, I’m not judging you for drawing out Social Security disability payments. As you know, I am disabled, and for a time, when I was college student, I also qualified for and accepted the same benefits (I no longer qualify for or receive these benefits, though, of course, I pay into Social Security). (Contrary to what you may think, I am not rich and am not drawing any income from a trust fund. Some of my family members, on both sides, are wealthy, and I’ve lived a privileged life, no doubt about it. But I have always had to earn my own keep).  So, I know the Social Security payments may not be a lot of money, but it’s still “our tax dollars at work,” right?

You know, well and good, that as an unclassified employee, I am not constrained from expressing my own political opinions, but recently, it seems as if you’ve been attempting to advance the notion that I should be censored or reprimanded for expressing opinions and criticisms that run counter to your own opinions or for something as simple as clarifying the facts about a project with which I am directly involved. What’s good for the goose is not good for the gander, I guess.

The hippy beatnik line warranted its own post.

Then there’s:

So Lamar stop lying in your taking up for the mayor. I also suggest that you get a tad bit more education and some years under your belt before you continue to spar wits with me. I simply base what I say upon the facts that I can get hold of.

Accused me of lying and then insulted my education and experience. Got it. (Not the first time).

The facts are that Lamar is a spoiled rotten little rich kid, who is now a paid employee of the City of Alexandria, and is a cheerleader of all things Democratic, liberal and Mayor Jacques Roy. I prefer to pick and choose what I believe in and not be a mouthpiece to apppease this blog’s readers with any particular political party or person.

Spoiled rotten little rich kid. Mouthpiece. Got it.

But I think that Lamar lies out of his blind following and being the regurgitation mouthpiece for Mayor Roy and all things liberal in nature. I don’t mind you stating your often goofy opinions, but I wish that you would stick to the truth. Keep this in mind Lamar, I do not write this blog for any political party, for Mayor Roy or for you Lamar.

Liar. Mouthpiece. Propagandist. Okay.

Lamar, being eat up with White guilt and his left-wing views and ways, first attacks me for my stint in David Duke’s Ku Klux Klan movement, when approximately one-half million Louisiana voters voted for Duke when I didn’t and I have denounced the Klan over over 30 years ago. (See: “While I’m At It”). I have long since believed and advocated on a colorless society, but I, unlike Lamar, believe in speaking the truth. I am against crooks, be they White or Black. A careful reading of the posts on this blog clearly show that I write on what my own personal opinions are on crooked and stupid politics, regardless of the race. I don’t care if my readers care or don’t care for my opinions.

Eaten up with “white guilt” (a common accusation). (Suggests his membership in the KKK should be taken in the context of an election that occurred in 1992… because he voted for Edwin Edwards). I don’t believe in the truth.  Doesn’t care if people agree with his opinions. Got it.

Here’s what I’ve said about Mr. Aymond. I’ve said that I think he is a bully. I’ve said he was once a member of the Ku Klux Klan; until now, I’ve never mentioned that he also represented a group of white nationalists during the Jena Six fiasco a couple of years ago. I’ve said that I believe a couple of his posts seemed racist (the one about the “street thugs” and the one in which he compared a picture of Peabody High School’s graduation ceremony to a KKK event) and that, as a result, I didn’t want to link to his site on my blogroll. I’ve said his numbers about the Downtown Hotels project were egregiously inflated and that he was misleading his readers.

Either way, I can handle Mr. Aymond’s criticisms about me. Most of the time, I find them hysterical, and sometimes, I like writing about hysterics.

It all sorta reminds me of this. (The first bit).

6 thoughts

  1. No, Lamar, it doesn’t. It is starting to look like rock bottom when you are still responding to ANYTHING from ANYONE like this guy. There’s no point to it.

  2. What do you mean by “this guy” Jim Bob? Do you evven know me, know what I think and believe, or do you simply take Lamar’s view?

  3. I thought the bickering was why you considered yourself above Cenla Antics. Looks like you stir shit as well as those you criuticize.

  4. Usually, I can appreciate a good sparring with words… However, sometimes “less is more” does hold true, I really just don’t mind someone addressing disparaging remarks–wherever they come from.

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