So I caved in and added my Twitter feed to the right corner of the blog.

Andrea may be right about the inanity of Twittering, but I’ve been trying my hand at it for a few months now… and there are some advantages. We’ll see how it pans out.

In other news:

The SPARC Commission website (constructed on a WordPress platform) was launched a couple of weeks ago. Check it out.

– Chronos recently wrote me to recommend this awesome financial blog: Baseline Scenario.

Oyster points out that the New Orleans population is now estimated at 311,000, which, once again, puts a kink in the redistricting schemes offered up by conservative special interest groups and people who call themselves “political science professors” by day and “professional hacks” by night.

– Buy the album Dark Was The Night. It’s a worthy investment. Plus, all proceeds go to a good cause: HIV/AIDS prevention.

– The Kindle is AWESOME. I’ve been reading The Last Lion: The Fall and Rise of Ted Kennedy, and it’s easy on the eyes and very convenient.

3 thoughts

  1. I fully agree about the Kindle. I normally get eye fatigue from trying to read long documents on a computer. Kindle is truly like reading from the printed page. For me its ideal for books that I will never look at after reading. Most recently I enjoyed “The Whiskey Rebels” and “Called Out of Darkness.”For classics I still prefer the printed page-course I still buy and listen to CD’s-considering vinyl.

  2. Thanks for posting the SPARC website. This is the information I have been looking for. I added it to my blogroll.

  3. Well, I added Twitter to my blog today. I won’t add it to my cell phone, but I do like it for my blog.

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