Last night, although the storm damage was significant, it had appeared as if Alexandria had taken the full force of Gustav relatively well. Most of us were without power, except for my good friend in Beau Terre (who didn’t lose power or cable at all). However, around 4AM to 6AM, we took a battering– nearly a foot of rain. And by the time we all woke up, the damage was clear– and immense.

We were able to document some of the damage (once the roads were open and the curfew was suspended):

Downed lines on Horseshoe Drive.

Flooded Bayou Robert.

Unfortunately, the City Park Players building burned down last night.

I-49 at Lee Street

Pineridge Avenue

On Horseshoe Drive

One thought

  1. Lamar — thanks for these. I’ve got some friends in England who wanted to know what the area looked like. I sent them these, as they’re the best I’ve seen. (and right down the road from Mom and Dad’s — but for the last one, which is right across the street.)


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