And we’re finally getting one. This September. Quoting:

Looking forward to the general election, today we announced a presidential forum for the candidates this September in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The forum will be a live televised discussion about the issues critical to America’s future, and using YouTube’s video platform and Google’s technologies, you’ll be able to engage in the discussion in important ways.

Stay tuned here for more information on how you can participate in the coming months.

The presidential forum is being organized by the following partners:

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin
Women of the Storm with the Greater New Orleans Foundation
Dillard University
Loyola University
Tulane University
Xavier University

One thought

  1. Interesting that Lt. Governor MItch Landrieu is not part of this, as he was one of the folks pushing for this along with Governor JIndal. How did Nagin get in on this thing?

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