Update: By the way, not to brag or anything, but I called this way back in August of 2006.

Only days after Cynthia Jardon blogged about her frustrations with the conversation occurring over at The Town Talk forums, we learn today that the paper has decided to revamp their forums in order to integrate social networking software. And posters beware: They’re deleting the old forums to make room for the new ones, and from the sound of it, everyone’s old accounts will also be deleted. Quoting:

There will still be forums, although we must warn you that the old forums will disappear as we are using different software, but you will be able to broaden your horizons with the new forums.

Besides forums, when you log on (new member registration is required) as a new member, you will automatically get a “persona” page. It is very similar to having a page on MySpace or Facebook, but now you will have one on thetowntalk.com.

It will allow you the privilege of making your page private, shared only with friends, or public – shared with everyone.

You will be able to start your own blog. You can create group discussions, upload photos and much more.

The best way to understand what’s coming is to go to another Gannett site where the new system is already up and running. We suggest checking out The Nashville Tennessean at www.tennessean.com

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