There is only one candidate in this election who is currently being sued for fraud and civil RICO (that’s racketeering and corruption) violations. Only one.

In fact, there is only one candidate in this election who has ever been forced to settle with the government for violations of the law. Only one.

They’ve investigated and scrutinized Hillary Clinton for decades, and the most damning thing they’ve ever found? Her use of a private email server, something that the FBI Director said “no reasonable prosecutor” would ever pursue in a court case. In fact, all of her recent predecessors in the State Department had also relied on private email accounts, something that her critics flippantly dismiss as inconsequential.

But sure, she’s “crooked Hillary;” she’s dishonest and untrustworthy and deserves to be locked up. Don’t vote for her.

Vote instead for a man who has been involved in more than 3,500 lawsuits; a man who is currently on trial for fraud and RICO violations; a man who settled with the government for discriminating against minorities; a man who hired undocumented immigrant workers and eventually settled with them after being sued for forcing them to work in “horrid, terrible conditions;” a man who hired actors to pose as supporters when he launched his campaign; a man who insults veterans, women, the disabled, immigrants, Muslims, and a Gold Star family; a man who encourages his supporters to physically assault protestors; a man who professes to be religious because he “won the evangelical vote;” a man who has been twice divorced and whose ex-wife once accused him of raping her; a man who expresses his support and admiration for the world’s cruelest dictators; a man who has filed for bankruptcy four times; a man whose ghostwriter of his most famous book- “Art of the Deal”- considers to be a “sociopath;” a man who lacks basic knowledge of global and domestic affairs; a man who thinks, mistakenly, that we can renegotiate the national debt; a man who bankrupted Atlantic City and an airline and a football league, among other things; a man who hesitated to repudiate the endorsements of white supremacists; a man who inspired David Duke to run for Senate, and a man whose potential election is considered by the Economist Intelligence Unit to be one of the world’s top ten geopolitical threats.

Yes, elect him over that terribly corrupt woman. Who does she think she is?

The very fact that this election is still within single digits doesn’t prove as much as we’d like it to about anger over a slow recovery or a broken political process or the increasing distrust of political parties.

But it definitely proves one thing beyond a shadow of a doubt: Sexism is still alive and well in these great United States.

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