According to recently uncovered posts on Stormfront, the Internet’s oldest and most notorious white nationalist and neo-Nazi forum, the United States House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise (R- Louisiana), was allegedly an honored guest and speaker at an international conference of white supremacist leaders.

His district may have ignored it at the time, but the American public can’t.

Twelve years ago last May, the spacious but plainly appointed conference rooms of the Landmark Best Western Hotel in Metairie, Louisiana, a 16-story, drably-colored octagon-shaped tower that juts into an empty skyline and hugs Interstate 10 so tightly that it serves, in a way, as a type of gateway monument into the city of New Orleans, were filled with dozens of people from all over the country. They had each spent between $35 and $45 for the opportunity to participate in a two-day conference on “civil rights.” Many of them had likely decided to also take advantage of the Bestbwlandmark Western’s generous $89 a night block rate. Even though the President of the sponsoring organization was a Louisiana native, he wasn’t attending the conference in Metairie; instead, he was hosting an identical event in Europe, which, through the magic of technology, would be simulcast on the projectors rolled out and draped from the ceilings of the Best Western conference rooms.

It was an ambitious undertaking for the fledgling organization, a truly international conference. The organization was named, innocuously enough, EURO, an acronym for European-American Unity and Rights Organization, and its leader was a man named David Duke. Duke, a former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, former Louisiana State Representative, and former Republican candidate for Louisiana governor, was attempting to rebrand his movement into something more palatable and less incendiary, and the ambiguous-sounding EURO seemed to do the trick.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 5.28.41 AM

But make no mistake: EURO was and still is a recognized hate group. It espouses and promotes racist, bigoted, anti-Semitic propaganda and considers the “white race” to be genetically, culturally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually superior to all others. In 2007, Ian Mosley, a writer for EURO, in an article on its now-defunct website titled “Germans Still Remember Their Historical Greatness,” wrote (bold mine):

The beautiful Germany of the 1930s with blonde children happily running through every village has been replaced with a multi-racial cesspool. Out of work Africans can be seen shuffling along the same streets, which used to be clean and safe in the days of the National Socialists. One day, people in Germany will grow tired of the politically correct police state that is destroying their lives. They will recover their national pride and start speaking the truth about their past regardless of what the militant lesbians or thought police tell them. Once that happens, Germany may finally be a great nation again -free of foreign control.

Mosley believed that Adolph Hitler had created a “workman’s paradise” in the 1930s.

Although David Duke wasn’t able to attend the conference in Metairie in person, EURO’s national director, a man named Vincent Breeding, served as his surrogate. Indeed, promotion materials for the event tout Breeding as a key participant:

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 3.13.54 AM

Vincent Breeding, also known as “Vince Edwards,” also known as Bruce Alan Breeding, is a notorious racial provocateur and hate monger who got his start working with the National Alliance, a hate group that is believed to have inspired Timothy McVeigh, the mastermind of the Oklahoma City bombing. Afterward, he began working for David Duke, administering Duke’s defamatory website and then, later, for EURO.

On the weekend of May 17th-18th, 2002, Steve Scalise was a 36-year-old Louisiana State Representative. Six years later, he’d become a United States Congressman. Six years after that, after only three terms, Steve Scalise would become the House Majority Whip, arguably the third most powerful and influential member of the United States House of Representatives.

But on that weekend in May, Scalise was reportedly armed with a microphone at the Landmark Best Western in Metairie and talking about tax policy to an international convention… of white supremacists and neo-Nazis. According to a commenter who used the name “Alsace Hebert,” Steve Scalise was a highlight of the convention. Quoting:

EURO’s recent national convention held in the greater New Orleans area was a convergence of ideas represented by Americans from diverse geographical regions like California, Texas, New Jersey and the Carolina’s. This indicates that concerns held are pervasive in every sovereign state and Republic alike, within an increasingly diminishing view of where America stands on individual liberty for whites.

In addition to plans to implement tactical strategies that were discussed, the meeting was productive locally as State Representative, Steve Scalise, discussed ways to oversee gross mismanagement of tax revenue or “slush funds” that have little or no accountability.

Representative Scalise brought into sharp focus the dire circumstances pervasive in many important, under-funded needs of the community at the expense of graft within the Housing and Urban Development Fund, an apparent give-away to a selective group based on race.

Mr. Hebert was so impressed by Representative Scalise’s apparent characterization of the Housing and Urban Development Fund as nothing more than a scam designed to give-away public monies to “a selective group based on race,” that, two years later, with David Duke behind bars, Hebert took to the pages of Stormfront to float another candidate’s name for Congress. Quoting (bold mine):

It was just announced that Rep. Steve Scalise, R-Jefferson will enter the race in the 1st Congressional District. Those that attended the EURO conference in New Orleans will recall that Scalise was a speaker, offering his support for issues that are of concern to us.

 I suppose if Duke does not make the election for whatever reason, this gentleman would be a good alternative.

Remember, we are referring to an international conference of a white nationalist, white supremacist, anti-semitic, and neo-Nazi hate group led by the former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. For what, exactly, did Steve Scalise offer his support? What “issues that are of concern to us?”

Most importantly, assuming Hebert’s posts are accurate, why was Scalise even there in the first place? He can’t pretend like he was confused and just stumbled into the wrong conference due to a scheduling error or a drug-induced hallucination, and he can’t feign ignorance about the organization; their acronym may have been vague, but their agenda was crystal clear. Unless Steve Scalise is totally incompetent, he knew exactly where he was headed when he parked his car in the lot in front of the Landmark Best Western.

And from the sound of it, Scalise accomplished what he came there to do: He convinced some vehement white racists and neo-Nazi bigots to vote for him.

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  1. Governor Jindal was the recent recipient of the SHAMELESS AMBITION award on Bob Mann’s blog. There were no runners-up in his poll and it covered the year 2014, but Steve Scalise could easily have been in the running had earlier year awards existed and, perhaps, even for the 2014 award.

  2. This shows people do not research their candidates and the media does their part to hide certain issues in certain candidates. I wondered if these things were broadcast would he be in any position of power?

  3. I am so glad I found your website… I’m certain many others will find it too, the same way I did, via Politico! I expect Scalise’s days to be numbered, thanks to your good reporting.

  4. What about Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and the New Black Panthers calling for death of all white people, white babies and dead white cops? Huh? Huh?

  5. So what? Whites have the right to organize to protect our interests, just as blacks and ‘Hispanics’ do.

    The ‘issues of concern to us’ are things like affirmative discrimination against us, immigration which is swamping us, taxation that takes from us (on balance) and gives to other ethnic groups. Just like any other ethnic group.

  6. C`mon folks. This is just another southern, conservative white man who hates black people and Jews. There is no new news here!

  7. One of Mr. Scalise’s defenders called him a “devoted Catholic.” And so what? Yes, there was a time when the KKK was anti-Catholic and refused to admit its members into the hate group. But I think that white Catholics can now join the organization. In fact the fact that he was the keynote speaker at event underscores the evolution of racism in America. Moreover, to have voted against the Martin Luther King Jr. day exposed his racist beliefs.
    How? Because the racist activists no longer hide their faces with white sheets; they are really no longer the “invisible empire;” the “David Dukes” of this world have, finally, realized that they do share a lot in common with the “new invisible empire,” white groups and individuals who pretend to be nice and proper, with no racist bone in them. But these are the most dangrerous-the “cultural or covert racists.”
    For example, for centuries, many white American Catholics , whether they were Irish, Italian, French or Polish, supported slavery and the slave trade just like the English, Scots, and Germans did. In fact many Catholic clergy, including bishops, Catholic congregations (eg. the Jesuits), and even some nuns, had slaves and bought and sold them. And even though some Popes did, on few occasions, condemn the slave trade, the Catholic Church did mostly nothing to fight the evil. Moreover, the original slave trading European countries-Portugal and Spain-were all Catholic.
    And even here in the US, Catholics have never been historically friends of the black community. And blacks know who their friends are; in fact most of them think that Catholicism is a “white” religion and that only “crazy” blaks join the church.
    Yes, while there was initial prejudice by the Protestant majority against the Irish, Italians, Poles and other ethnic Catholic groups, these were eventually accepted as a part of the white mainstream society, while blacks who had labored as slaves for at least 200 years before the arrival of the great grandparents of these Catholics groups, have been dehumanized and rejected. This is patent racism.
    Moreover, there is virtually little or no serious teaching or sensitivity training about slavery or race in Catholic institutions-seminaries, schools, colleges, churches etc- just as none is done in most other predominant white institution in America. Thus this historical amnesia has its social consequences: It is almost likely that the policeman who killed the unarmed teenager Brown, and saw him not as a fellow human being, but as a “demon” and an “it”, is an Irish Catholic. The NY policeman who choked Mr Garner to death is most likely an Italian Catholic; Mr. Giuliani, who foams in the mouth with unapologetic racism is Italian Catholic; and there are obviously many more.
    And who resisted school and housing integration the most and fled to the suburbs in order to avoid living with blacks more than these Catholic ethnic groups? In fact contrary to popular opinion, their flight was more racist than economic. Indeed white American Catholics are as racist-or even more racist-than many other white comminities; and that is why the Catholic church has failed-and will continue to fail-to make an inroad into the black community; in fact they have been losing thousands of blacks who were raised Catholic and now see it as a “white church;” and they are losing Hispanics as well.
    These statements are not new. The few black Catholic bishops have for decades been writting letters about racism in the church to no avail. So while the defenders of Mr. Scalise would like to present him as a “devout Catholic,” the truth is that white Catholics in America have a terrible record on race. And like Mr. Giuliani and the policemen who kill black men for sport and without remorse, many white Catholics are offended and even deny they have any racist bone in them. But they do-even though they often think and act publicly as if they don’t. “By their fruits, you shall know them.”

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