EXCLUSIVE: Louisiana Republican Party Chairman Demands Senator David Vitter’s Resignation

Late last night, Roger Villere, Chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party, demanded that United States Senator David Vitter immediately resign from office, only hours after Villere called for the resignation of another Louisiana Republican, Congressman Vance McAllister. “The Louisiana Republican Party must be a party of principle. Both Congressman McAllister and Senator Vitter have admitted to engaging in actions that betrayed not only their families but also the citizens who entrusted them with their votes. It does not matter if these actions occurred four months ago or four years ago or even ten years ago; as Republicans, if we are to be credible, we must be consistent.”

Earlier this week, Congressman Vance McAllister admitted to having an affair with staffer Melissa Peacock, following the release of surveillance footage from the Congressman’s district office that showed him kissing Mrs. Peacock in a dark room and then escorting her through the office and to her car. In November, McAllister, who represents Louisiana’s Fifth Congressional District, stunned political observers when he soundly defeated State Senator Neil Riser, a fellow Republican who was heavily favored and had the endorsements of several high-profile state and national Republican leaders. Many attribute McAllister’s upset victory to the support of Phil and Willie Robertson of the hit reality television show “Duck Dynasty.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Louisiana Republican Party Chairman Roger Villere called McAllister’s Chief of Staff, Adam Terry, to demand the Congressman’s resignation. According to Politico, Villere became so emotional during the call that he had to hang up. Quoting (bold mine):

When Louisiana GOP chairman Roger Villere Jr. left a message for McAllister, he heard back from the congressman’s chief of staff, Adam Terry. A source familiar with the call said it was “heated” and that the chairman hung up.

“It’s been a trying week for our party,” Villere said. “I’ve been praying for guidance non-stop. I realized as a man of God and as the leader of our state’s party, I would be a hypocrite if I demanded the resignation of a duly-elected Congressman because he was caught kissing a woman other than his wife and didn’t also demand the resignation of Senator Vitter, who admitted, in so many words, to soliciting prostitutes. I can’t ask for one man to resign for kissing a woman, which is not a crime, and then stand behind another man who has committed a crime.”

Villere stated that he would be submitting a formal written letter of demand to both Congressman McAllister and Senator Vitter on Friday. “It was a mistake for the Louisiana Republican Party to stand behind Senator Vitter in 2007. I know Governor Jindal probably regrets what he said at the time,” Villere said, referring to then-Congressman Jindal’s statement that Vitter’s affairs with prostitutes should not be “used by others for their own political gain.”

Villere claimed his decision has been painful and could potentially cost him his job. “As the leader of our state’s party, I have to make tough decisions. It’s time to clean house. As long as I am chairman, we are going to be the party that champions family values, in both words and actions.”


Editor’s note: Just joking. Roger Villere would never ask for David Vitter to resign.