The Party of Louisiana

Louisiana College President Joe Aguillard Paid Former Assistant Joseph Cole Approximately $70,000 In “BIackmail” Money To Conceal Scandalous and Potentially Illegal Activities Amidst Rumors of Drug Use, Pornography, and Allegedly Improper Sexual Relationships Between President Agullard’s Special Assistant and Two Teenage Boys at a Local Hotel Room.

ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA, February 26, 2014: This morning, the website Faith on View published a blockbuster report revealing the Board Minutes of a meeting that occurred on November 15, 2011. According to the documents, President Aguillard is accused of fabricating accreditation documents for the Southern Association of Colleges System. As best as can be surmised, it appears that these documents may have been improperly altered and forged. Rather than subject himself to the whistleblower protections, Mr. Cole attempted to engage directly with college leadership in order to structure a fair and equitable severance agreement.

According to the minutes, President Joe Aguillard, his attorneys, and the majority of the Louisiana…

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