I’m thrilled to have heard from high school teachers and college professors who requested additional supplementary materials they can include in their lesson plans for “12 Years a Slave.”


Thankfully, Sue’s son- my cousin- Frank Eakin recently launched www.12YearsASlaveBook.com

In addition to the audiobook, which was voiced by Academy Award and Emmy Award winning actor Louis Gossett, Jr., the website also features a series of extras: maps, pictures, audio clips, biographical information, and a stellar blog that includes, among other things, the story of Solomon’s living great-great-great grandson.


If you are interested in buying the definitive copy of the book, don’t be misled by the trade paperbacks: Aunt Sue’s final edition was just released, and it can be purchased on Amazon.

One thought

  1. OMG this article is so good. I am so happy that u were able to share this information with the world. It was worded very nicely and you touched on some facts that needed to be told. Just wana say thanks….

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