Upperestdate: As a result of his appearance, Kopplin has been featured by Huffington PostUpworthyTruthDigthe Moderate Voice, and Media Matters, among others. 

Upperdate: Once the video is online, I’ll post it. But this is my favorite tweet of the night:

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 11.58.56 PM

Update: So, I’ll live-tweet this and then update the blog afterward. If you don’t have HBO, you can still watch the Overtime segment online.

zack-kopplin-current-2013Tonight, Zack Kopplin, the Louisiana native and Rice University sophomore who, at the age of 17, launched an international campaign against Louisiana’s unconstitutional creationism in the classroom law, will appear as the special guest on the HBO show “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

As a high school student, his hometown newspaper, The Baton Rouge Advocate, called Zack a “giant killer.” He is also the recipient of the Hugh Hefner First Amendment Award (not to be confused with other prizes Hefner doles out at the Playboy Mansion), and the National Center for Science Education’s Friend of Darwin Award (not to be confused with the Darwin Award). Last year, Zack again generated national and international attention on the exhaustive research he conducted on creationist voucher schools (Full Disclosure: I collaborated on some of this research with Zack and am a registered agent on his new non-profit organization). Late last year, Zack was selected as the first-ever “TroubleMaker of the Year.”

Zack will become the youngest-ever special guest on Bill Maher’s show.

The show airs at 9PM Central Time, and we’ll be liveblogging here on CenLamar. Contributions are welcome.

Stay tuned.

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