According the website Blow the Whistle, L.C., Louisiana College just announced an unprecedented emergency board meeting, ostensibly to discuss the recent controversies related to President Joe Aguillard’s decision to refuse to extend the contracts of three divinity school professors who allegedly have advanced and espoused a type of Calvinism in their scholarship and his administration’s decision to actively investigate graduate divinity school students for criticizing Aguillard’s decisions, apparently alleging that these students may have violated the Student Handbook, which prohibits students from saying anything and everything that may be perceived to be “disparaging” against the school, an Orwellian and dictatorially broad statement that effectively penalizes and punishes students who dare to speak out.

Commenters on the Save Our LC online forum have reason to be optimistic (quoting):

According to the Whistleblower site, an emergency board meeting will commence next Monday, the 25th.  One has to wonder whether this is the end for this administration.  What are the chances the board will pay off the prez and send him packing?  Might he announce his retirement, effective graduation day?  Or, will he somehow politically survive the latest round of accusations of mistreatment of employees and students?

This board must feel “up against it.”  Decries from preachers about the Calvinism, from students that their beloved professors have been mistreated.  Oh, what a difficult time to be a trustee.  These are the yields of less than courageous leadership.  This is what unprincipled, political hacketry gets you.  Do the right thing, guys/gals.  Let him exit with grace, even though he didn’t grant that to others.  Renew the contracts.  Express support for the students.  Find a president from far away who knows a little something about higher ed.

The speculation is, of course, the Louisiana College Board members will finally see the writing that’s been indelibly written on the wall, and remove Joe Aguillard from his Presidency. It remains to be seen whether the Board will muster enough bravery and loyalty needed to oust Joe Aguillard’s fractious and divisive leadership so soon, but it is a good sign.

The Whistle Blower website encouraged students and concerned citizens to contact three specific board members.

I’ll take it a step further: Contact all of them!

Without further delay, here they are, the Trustees of Louisiana College:

1. Roy Davis- North Shreve, Shreveport

2. James Foster- Utility, Jonesville

3. Jim Garlington- Oak Grove, Bentley

4. Michael Moore (no, not that Michael Moore)- Mooringsport, Mooringsport

5. Tommy French- Jefferson, Baton Rouge

6. David Willoughby- Calvary, Monroe

7. Mark Taylor- Cook, Ruston

8. Tony Perkins- Greenwell Springs, Baton Rouge

9. Steve Folma- First, Houma

10. Lonnie Scarborough- Fair Park, West Monroe

11. Jerry Chaddick- Open Door, Moss Bluff

12. Jill Kidder- Istrouma, Baton Rouge

13. Mike Francis- East Bayou, Lafayette

14. Jack Hunter- First, New Orleans

15. Glenn Wilkins- Martin, Coushatta

16. Kris Chenier- Trinity Heights, Shreveport

17. Lyndon Dawson- First, Ruston

18. Ryan Gregory- First, Oak Grove

19. Carlton Vance- Philadelphia, Deville

20. Ray Werfine- Ebenezer, Hammond

21. Glenn George- First, Gillis

22. Sam Camp- First, Covington

23. Blake Cooper- Calvary, Alexandria

24. Clay Crenshaw- First, Bossier City

25. Roxanne West- First, Pine Prairie

26. Larry Allen- Hosston, Hosston

27. Jay Adkins- First, Westwego

28. John Walker- Antioch, Mansfield

29. Barry Bieber- New Prospect, Dry Prong

30. Shawn Thomas- First, Moss Bluff

31. Heath Veuleman- The Gathering Place, Tioga

6 thoughts

  1. Worth clarifying for the general reader that the name of the trustee on the list is followed by the name of their home church and town/city. I wonder why there are none from Emmanuel Baptist in downtown Alexandria, anymore?…

  2. Well, if there’s anyone you can trust to give a fair and open hearing on substantive issues, it’s Tony Perkins and his friends.

      1. I have no idea, but Tony Perkins is a professional liar, founded one of the most influential statewide hate groups in the country, and has been president of a national hate organization for a decade. One can perhaps be forgiven for assuming that the other folks on this board have a similar concern for truth and rationality.

  3. I also noted that Emmanuel wasn’t represented on the Board. Maybe they didn’t have anyone who was willing to be a rubber stamp …. I personally pray they will send this clown packing. I am an LC graduate as are my daughter, son & son-in-law. I feel this man has ruined this school & has made it an object of ridicule with his talk of a law school, medical school, film school, etc. It was a much respected liberal arts college that needed some work done on the existing buildings, etc. It enjoyed an excellent reputation until many of the great professors began to resign after many years of service because of his tactics. Some of the students who are there now could not have gotten into the school years ago when it seemed to have higher admissions standards. What has happened to this school under Joe Aguillard is a tragedy.

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