Jindal is Lying: Louisiana Never Voted on School Voucher Program

In response to Judge Tim Kelley’s ruling striking down, as unconstitutional, the funding mechanism for Louisiana’s so-called “voucher program,” Governor Jindal writes (bold mine):

“The opinion sadly ignores the rights of families who do not have the means necessary to escape failing schools. On behalf of the citizens that cast their votes for reform, the parents who want more choices, and the kids who deserve a chance, we will appeal today’s decision, and I’m confident we will prevail. This ruling changes nothing for the students currently in the program. All along, we expected this to be decided by the Louisiana Supreme Court,” the statement added.

Despite what Governor Jindal is suggesting, Louisiana citizens never voted to support Jindal’s vision for education reform; voucher expansion was not a plank of Jindal’s re-election platform, and it has never been subjected to a statewide referendum. Indeed, according to the most recent scientific polling on Jindal’s voucher program, the majority of Louisianans are in opposition.

Jindal, in full-on defense mode, seems to be relying on an ancient political tactic: Bald-faced lying.