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  1. Why are you not putting all the candidates in your polls? Why are you putting in people who aren’t candidates? What are you afraid to find out? Are you scared? Why are you trying to manufacture the news instead of reporting it? Where’s the integrity in that?

    Your Presidential poll includes Ron Paul who isn’t a candidate any more. It includes Rosanne Barr who isn’t on the ballot in Louisiana. It includes the Prohibition Party with no names, and it doesn’t include the Green, Libertarian candidates, or any of the other 11 total candidates on the ballot this year.

    Your 3rd CD poll has only 3 candidates. There are FIVE running. Are you unable to read or count?

    Why is such blatant ignorance, or rather, such blatant BIAS being exhibited here?

    You really hurt only your own credibility with stunts like this. And calling the polling “unscientific” does not excuse you. It makes you look pathetic.

  2. Sam is right to be concerned. Jim Stark – Libertarian and the other Republican has been left out of the 3rd District poll, Gary Johnson and Jim Grey – Libertarians, the Green Party, the Constitution Party and Libertarian Party as a political affiliation have all be left out.

  3. Guys, calm down. I am sorry I forgot to poll your favorite third-party candidates. And though this is completely unscientific, it’s also taught me one thing: Governor Jindal is seriously struggling.

  4. I’m not trying to be critical. I’m just wondering why a lot of people, not just you, promote the idea that Ron Paul is still someone people can vote for. do you think it’s just because he some some populist charm, that he may run again, or something else?

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