Update: Alexandria Police have taken a 13-year-old girl into custody and suspect that she may be responsible for setting this home on fire.

Three hours ago, Alexandria firefighters responded to a major fire at the Thompson-Hargis mansion on Florence Avenue.

The home, which anchored an area known colloquially as “Mansion Row,” was listed as one of Louisiana’s most endangered historic properties. Quoting:

Built in 1907, the grand Thompson-Hargis Mansion in Alexandria is a fine example of Greek Revival residential architecture, a style that remained popular and fashionable well into the 20th Century. It is regarded as one of the finest homes in Alexandria, one of four within a two-block area known as “Mansion Row.”

The home was occupied by descendants of the original owners. Mr. And Mrs. B.F. Thompson, Sr., until 1993 and is still owned by the family. Unoccupied for almost 15 years, the home is threatened by severe neglect. Surrounded by deteriorating bungalows built in the early 1900s, preservation of the Thompson-Hargis Mansion would be the catalyst to revitalization of the entire Florence Avenue area.

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