My official response to this absurdity. Quoting:

But there are alternative cultures present in this country. And one of them is the hip-hop/gangsta culture which, as we said, is ravaging the black community but is by no means limited to that community. If you combined the adherents to the gangsta culture among the non-black ethnicities in America it wouldn’t be a surprise to find there are just as many whites and Hispanics in gross numbers as blacks who are influenced by it or using it as a lifestyle in some form or fashion. This isn’t just about a certain kind of music, though gangsta rap has been the primary medium through which the larger culture has been spread.

Not safe for work, guys and gals.

(This song is about crystal meth)

(Nickelback is awful)

I know I’m missing a ton of other examples. Any suggestions?

3 thoughts

  1. Of course he blames it on something completely intangible like “gangsta culture”. The alternative would be to address the cycle of inter-generational poverty. It’s so much easier to blame everything on the rap music.

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