A couple of years ago, around two in the afternoon, my doorbell rang. I hadn’t been expecting any company or express mail, and my street was normally very quiet, particularly during the work week, a definite plus. If my job required me to produce something before a deadline, I knew I could always get the job done at my home office without any distraction whatsoever. In the four years I lived on Pershing Avenue in Alexandria, only four complete and total strangers ever rang my doorbell– not counting trick-or-treaters or mail carriers. Of those four people in those four years, three were earnest and well-intentioned Mormon kids.

Ironically, the fourth person was also a Mormon kid, but he wasn’t well-intentioned. And he didn’t show up on my doorstep to share the story of Joseph Smith and the angel Moroni.

“Do you feel safe in your home?” He said he’d been interviewing my neighbors about crime. He even mentioned a couple of my neighbors by name. “I just moved to Alexandria,” he said. “Your neighbors say there is a crime problem around here. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?”

I will admit, in hindsight, that I was completely deceived. I didn’t have a security system in my house. But I’d also had my car stolen from my driveway in the middle of the night, and I knew that a security system was usually value-added. I listened to the kid’s pitch. At the time, he seemed genuine. He said he was selling alarm systems, that he could install a system in my house within an hour. It’d be seamless. I’d only have to pay a flat monthly service fee. He’d survey my house and determine my needs: Three glass-shatter alarms, a couple of control panels, and alarms on all of the exterior doors.

Looking back, I can’t believe I ever let him even walk into my home, but hey, he knew my neighbors; he was a new resident, and he was pitching a service that I’d considered. I gave the kid a chance. I signed up. He said my neighbor had signed up only an hour before.

But as it turns out, there are a few things I didn’t and couldn’t have known at the time: The kid, who worked for Silverline Security, hadn’t “moved” to Alexandria. He was staying in a motel down the street. He hadn’t signed up any of my neighbors. He flat-out lied to me.

And poor kid, even though I now know I was completely and totally ripped off by Silverline, he unwittingly threw his own company under the bus. If only I had understood the importance at the time, I would have ended the discussion then and there. While waiting for his technician to arrive, he tried to make small talk with me. He told me that his company, Silverline, was founded by a Mormon entrepreneur from Utah, that the company had recognized the persuasive power of door-to-door sales, and that he’d been traveling around the country, staying in motels; Alexandria was his newest “home.” He was fresh off of his year of service with the LDS, and Silverline offered him the opportunity to continue going door-to-door, except this time, he could make a little money. Later, I discovered that my neighbor had never signed up for the service; he already had a security system.

Silverline installed a security system in my house, and I paid for the system for over two years. A couple of months ago, I sold my house. I alerted Silverline that I no longer needed their service and that if they needed to, they could remove the system entirely. I’d been paying $49.99 a month to rent out their service and their equipment, which I’d likely already paid for several times over.

In response, Silverline claimed that I had actually signed a binding 60 month-long, $5,000 contract; the contract, according to them, wasn’t actually for a security system, it was for “membership.” If this is the case, then, in my opinion, Silverline actively engages in deceptive trade practices. I never intended to sign up for a Silverline “membership;” I paid thousands of dollars for a security system, a service, not for a membership into the Silverline club.

There are other problems, which I’ve only discovered since severing my ties with Silverline (by the way, I issued a stop-payment on any of their claims):

1) Silverline is likely violating numerous provisions of the Alexandria Code of Ordinances. Seriously. Silverline’s violations are all over the place, particularly Article X, Section 7-198:

An alarm business performing monitoring services shall:

(1) Report alarm signals by using telephone numbers designated by the alarm administrator;

(2) Attempt to verify every alarm signal, except a duress or hold up alarm activation before requesting a police response to an alarm signal. The above does not apply to a system certified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.;

(3) Communicate alarm dispatch requests to the city in a manner and form determined by the alarm administrator.

(4) Communicate verified cancellations of alarm dispatch requests to the city in a manner and form determined by the alarm administrator.

(5) Cease communication of a non-verified intrusion alarm signal on any alarm site that has its certificate suspended or that has received a notice of non-police response.

Obviously, Silverline needs to familiarize itself with the law.

2) And while Silverline’s at it, perhaps they could also file their paperwork with the Louisiana Secretary of State:

Ordinarily, I’d refrain from writing about something like this. It’s embarrassing. I got totally ripped off, and I’m being treated like a fool. But I believe (and hope) this is the most obvious and clear-cut example of deceptive and/or unfair trade practices I will ever encounter. I’m not afraid of calling these guys out, publicly, because I’m actually holding back a lot here; their salesman isn’t the only person associated with them who unwittingly threw their company under the bus.

I imagine someone associated with Silverline will eventually stumble upon this. My e-mail address is listed on this website. And look, I’ve learned my lesson: I won’t ever be duped and I won’t ever allow my loved ones to be duped by strangers who stalk around neighborhoods in an attempt, couched in deception, to sell “security” to stay-at-home parents, the elderly, and the disabled.


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  1. Wow. That kid must have been really smooth to have pulled such a scam on you. Isn’t there a city ordinance against door-to-door soliciting w/o a permit?

  2. It seems they have changed their tactics to an even more deceptive lie. We were recently visited by Silverline rep Brian Sutherland who told us that there had been a grant to our county which paid Silverline to install alarm equipment for free in our home because crime statistics had increased 25% in our neighborhood. But the grant didn’t cover the third party monitoring service, he said, which we would have to pay to Safeguard America, but could “turn off” whenever we wanted although Silverline had managed to get Safeguard America to “lock in” a $43/month price for 60 months. We initially took the bait but fortunately the install couldn’t be done until the next day, which gave us time to find your complaint and others. I called the rep back and asked for proof of the “grant” from our county. He then said it was actually a federal grant. I said we’d need to see it before allowing any installation. He said they would cancel the installation and have someone back at the corporate office email us the information and then we could call him back once we were satisfied. Obviously, that email never came. I contacted the county and the federal Department of Justice and neither had any record of Silverline being involved in a grant funded program.

    So clearly, Silverline gets a kick back from Safeguard America, which allows them to pretend they are giving away free alarm equipment on a county/federal grant while probably getting folks to unwittingly sign up for lengthy “monitoring” contracts that are difficult to get out of. Thanks to you and others who helped us avoid that fate. The sad thing is, because of several property crimes, we would be interested in some form of home security and if he had just presented it to us straight without lying about a grant, we would have considered it. But companies providing services of real value don’t need to lie about their products, so we’ll look locally for this type of service.



    1. Ty,

      Could you please send me an e-mail at
      I was visited by the same sales rep, Brian Sutherland, and he actually coerced me into signing the contract after assuring me that I could cancel after 3 months. Upon closer inspection of the contract, it says THREE DAYS of signing, not even installation. I feel scammed and locked into a 5 year contract at $50/month! That’s $3,000! I should have taken the time to comb over the fine print but I actually trusted this guy. I am hoping that you can help back me up on this in writing, I would greatly appreciate it.

      1. Brian Sutherland also visited Spokane in 2012. He gave the “crime up in your neighborhood” and “federal grant” speech. I work with sales people and purposely reviewed the docs for any terms. Brian promised a month-to-month contract that can be canceled at any time. The Service conducted their phone survey and asked if I agreed to 39 months. My reply was “No. Sales offered month to month.” They then wouldn’t finish the survey until they called Brian who would call me and tell me Service just reads a script. He is the manager & does his own terms. After 3 attempts for them to have me say “yes” to 39 months, I instead said “I agree to my arrangement with Brian Sutherland.” When I tried to cancel 6 months later, they informed me of the 39 month term and sent me a signed contract. It was my signature but not the document I had read nor the copy I was given. No one at Vision Security believed me because they had my signature. Of course no one could reach Brian. What saved me was I demanded they pull the voice recording and they head the first 3 attempts when I said my terms was to be month by month. I don’t know if Vision Security is unethical but that salesman, Brian Sutherland certainly is.

  3. I am glad I decided to look up the company this morning! I own a electronic security sub-contracting company in MS. I was offered a contract to install& service the equiptment for the entire state of MS on Thanksgiving eve.They have sent me several e-mails& phone calls,non-stop, for the last few day! I hadden herd of the company here,nore had my friends in the industry.I decided today that since they were constantly calling& e-mailing me,that I would send in the paperwork.Ironicly enough,I couldnt find the fax number& I dont fill out applications or any paperwork with my ssn on it online.So I had to look it up via the internet and I happend to see you complant!!! Thank You from the bottom of my heart, I would have messed up my good reputation& carreer!!! I wondered why they ask for some not-normal info on their contractor agreement& wanted to know if I could start ASAP.Also, if I would travel to LA& ARK?
    Thanks Again,
    Demeterius Lewis

  4. BEWARE!!! These smooth talkers just showed up at my house here in Portland, Oregon, trying to talk me into changing my alarm system. What a pressure job this “manager” from Salt Lake City and his trainee tried to pull on me. They couldn’t even give me a card or brochure. I wouldn’t let them in my house. They wanted me to sign an agreement and claimed the 3 days to cancel “after” all of their equipment was installed for “free” in my house and a $40 something monthly charge for five years. BEWARE, people! What smooth operators. And they asked much too many personal questions, too. I wouldn’t trust them with a ten foot pole. They tried to convince me that I was special to be offered this “free” equipment, but could not even extend the 3 days to a week to cancel after installation.

    1. I too had a visit from their “National Sales Recruiter”….very smooth indeed. He seemed to be more interested in me rather than the safety of my home, kinda creepy. I do believe we all need to protect ourselves these days…buy a gun and learn how to use it.

        1. Hello Doug,
          I am the Nw manager for Silverline Security. I am unaware of what is a “National Recruiter”.

  5. They were at my house in SE Portland on Feb 24. It a Leo Mitchell and a “trainee”. There scam was to give me a free security system if I let them put their sign on my house. I would not let them in. They showed me a Multnomah Co. permit for soliciting. When they started asking about how many doors were in my house and, did I own a computer I got a bad feeling and told them I would visit the web site and do some research. They left right then. Glad I looked them up.

    1. Yes. I had a guy named Rich cashin come by and was extremely unprofessional. He kept saying you need this. You need this. I told him to leave multiple times after saying no a couple times. He offered same thing, a free system if I put a sign out. After I asked him to leave the final time we got into verbal exchange and he started calling me profane names. He said I was a f…ng idiot and hoped someone broke into my house. This guy is tall about 6’5″ bald head and has a Boston accent. Very scary as I would not let him in my house.

      1. This couldnt be more untrue. The truth is in this industry we are exposed to the public. You verbally attacked me immediately. I was taken back by your aggressiveness..Upon leaving you were yelling obscenities at me Emily. Unfortunately we are confronted by troubled vindictive people. We have little to no defense.

  6. Well they have now made it to Mississippi, saying the crime rate has gone up over the years, my question is how the hell does he know. Anyway that is the second rep I have in two days, told them both no, the bastard made his way into my front door trying to watch the game!

  7. Rich Cashin is still stalking the streets of Portland, selling overpriced crap. Two days ago, using very aggressive sales tactics, he duped me into allowing him to install a “free” security system. For my “free” security system, I signed a contract for monitoring at $46.99 per month for five years. (He said I would be “locked in” at that low price – after some research, I am now aware that $46.99 per month is hardly a low price). My boyfriend read the fine print on the back of the contract which stated that if I terminated my contract early for any reason, I would owe 90% of the total worth of the contract (90% of 60 months at $46.99 per month is $2537!) Fortunately, I am still in the federally mandated three day “cooling off” period and have quickly taken steps to terminate my contract with Silverline Security. Oregon state law (specifically ORS 83.370(1)(c)) requires that door-to-door salesmen leave two copies of a notice of a buyer’s right to terminate – however, Rich Cashin did not leave said copies (thereby breaking the law). As such, I was forced to call Silverline Security to find out how to cancel and was told to fax a copy of a letter stating that I cancelled my service. When I attempted to send a fax to number Silverline had given me, the number was out of service. I called Silverline back, was given another number and faxed my letter. I also sent certified letters to three different corporate offices. Hopefully, I am out from under this expensive contract but I won’t believe it until they come and get their stuff.

    BEWARE of Rich Cashin. He will use ANY angle to gain your trust, regardless of how unscrupulous it is (I mean you, friends of Bill W.). He is, as was stated in an earlier post, a tall, bald man with a Boston accent. Don’t engage him in conversation – he is very very persuasive.

    1. Wendy, I would like to explain my side of the story. I came to your door with a service for sale. You were very interested. I proceeded to show you the product in complete transparency. I accepted no money from you, and took your monthly monitoring rate down $3.00 from the industry going rate.(You needed a cell unit/no land line). I then explained to you if there was anything unacceptable to you to please feel free to cancel. I followed this up with the mandatory recorded company call ,going over all fair terms we had discussed. I shared a little bit about myself and gave you several different ways to contact me. I’m not sure what form I didnt leave behind? I left everything we have to satisfy your every need. I challenge you to look up all other security companies and see what kind of “deal” they have. Although we are not the only ones, we still are the minority that dont accept money for installation,activation, and freezing the rate to insure that it will not increase. We have an A rating by the better buisness bureau for satisfied customer service. I challenge you to look up the other companies ratings….I frequently go back to customers home to see they are satisfied with their product. The agreement was industry standard. You were quite happy when I called you back at night to see if you were satisfied.If I agree to lease a car ,or sign on with a new cell phone plan I dont consider myself duped. Unfortunately there are always people that will look under rocks to try and validate their fear. You were handled with complete openss on the product and were happy(as you should be).If you werent interested in security you shouldnt have agreed to install it. Nothing other than what was spoken on happened in the transaction. I ask that you spend the time to know what is available on the market and at what terms and rates before investing in a service in the future. The more educated the consumer is the better they understand what they receive.My intention was to provide the service you wanted. I did that and only that.

      1. Also Wendy I had you Facebook friend me because of a mutual friendship. I don’t think that was the act of someone not being upfront. I told you to cancel it in three days if you didnt want it.You asked me and the company if there was a penalty for canceling the service after the three days.I said absolutely. It is like any other contract. Like I mentioned if I sign an agreement for a cell phone I realize Im responsible for that time period. You were recorded by Silverline agreeing to all this with a complete understanding of terms.I was very suprised to see you canceled and more suprised to find this post.It doesnt make sense.

        1. I apologize for the continuing response. It is unprofessional of me to remark on comments like this. I just want to share one more point Wendy. Before coming to your house I upgraded a couple of your neighbors systems. I shared their names and addresses to you. They both had existing older systems. We upgraded them to the latest technology and added additional protection at no cost. I then lowered their monthly monitoring rate or froze their existing rate from increasing. They are thrilled wth what they received for they know what the security system market bears. I do hundreds of installs in the Portland area. Most of those people are very pleased with their service. Unfortunately they dont comment on forums like this. I make it a point to drop by when in an existing customers area to see how their system is working for them.This is not part of my job discription, its just how I conduct myself. We display our product and when we receive an interest we take the potential customer through all the steps to explain thoroughly what they are buying.Verbally, written ,and a recorded phone call usually leave the client quite aware of what they are getting into. Like I said all terms are standard across our industry. It is difficult to see if there is anything they are not clear about. Thats why I personaly tell them they can cancel in three days if anything isnt satisfactory to them. Like in any industry we occassionaly come across a rouge rep. They are immediately removed from our team on identification. I operate an office on integrity. If you dont want it dont buy it. But dont make it sound like you were duped. As far as the womans comment above about me swearing at her,all I will say is that that was the most bizarre encounter in my career. The “exchange”that she says happened was a little more one sided than she portrays. The fact that she is so vindictive to post a comment from a 2 minute conversation says volumes.

          Thank you

  8. Thanks neighbor, i had my wife cancel the service the next day i told her that these people had been to our home before one day she wasn’t home and i had no intention of changing well i guess they figured i was not home and they would take advantage of a good situation and it cost me $89 do get my service reconected a price she learn to pay buy making changes without my knowing sshe admitted it’s a lesson well learned i simlpy told stop trying to fix things that were not broke!!!!

    1. Wow you guys are a bunch of loosers!! You have nothing better to do than post stuff about other people. Every company does contracts .. I have Silverline security in my home and LOVE it! If you don’t like the system then don’t buy it that’s it. I needed and update so I went with these guys. I have had it for over 2 years now and love it! My mother also got it and loves it. I don’t know who you are Rich but don’t let these low lives distract you from your job. I’m sure they don’t have any jobs that’s why they are bored on here.. If anyone wants my opinion of the system feel free to email me!! Anyway I love it !! Get a life HATERS!

  9. I’ll just bet you anything that the “happy” customers are SHILLS. I have been a “customer” (held hostage by a VERY one sided contract)for nearly a year. My system DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY, IT GOES OFF IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT FOR NO REASON. I have been trying to deal with what they call “customer service” for nearly 5 months now – nobody returns my calls or emails – my system doesn’t work and my bill instead of being 44.95 per month– is some how nearly $400.00. I took this thing to my attorney and he said he had never seen such a one-sided contract in his life. I WILL be taking this to the State Board of Consumer Affairs.

  10. Someone named Trevor from Silverline was in my neighborhood yesterday telling the same lies that some of you have stated. Because he couldn’t give any detailed answeres to hardly anything my husband asked him, we politely advised him that we were not interested. He claimed his main office was in Mississippi, but they were in Alabama because the crime rate is so high here. OK, Trevor!

  11. Guy just showed up in Portland. Rule number one: Never buy ANYTHING from a door to door salesman.. He said he wasn’t selling anything then about 2 sentences later he says its 46.99 per month. If you want a security system, do some research, if your research goes back to these guys then do it. But I can’t stress enough. Never buy from a door to door salesman. Its like buying things from email spam, simply send it to the trash!!

  12. Oh, buying girl scout cookies or Little League candy is ok.. Just don’t buy from professional salesmen.. How do they sleep at night? Its beyond me.

  13. Ignorant people have no idea how an alarm works and then they go around doing this!
    It’s sad I’m happy with my system & glad I bought the rep who sold to me was sharp but hey that’s everywhere this people work hard n have families!

  14. In response to the main article, when you are going over your agreement with the rep it CLEARLY states that you are agreeing to a 60 month contract. Whether you get the months lowered or not is on you, BUT with any contract that you sign you should ALWAYS check how long you will be paying for and when the cancellation date is and the fee. So by you failing to read and understand the contract that YOU signed…well that implies your lack of knowledge right there. As for anyone else thinking they are being “scammed” into signing a contract, please take a seat. Nobody can make you sign anything you don’t want to sign. Nobody told you to let those people into your homes, nobody made you sign that contract. READ what you are agreeing to. UNDERSTAND what you are agreeing to. People these days are just too ignorant for their own good.

    1. I do work with sales and have often had to tell customers the same thing, “nobody made you sign.” Therefore i read all pages of everything before signing anything and even wrote on my copy that my copy “monthly” as the terms. However, the contract copy Vision Security sent to me showed 39 month commitment with my signature. But it was not a document I had seen before.

    2. Thanks for stating the obvious, “Ur Friendly Neighbor”.

      The point of this thread is to alert naive people (like myself) who can be duped into believing door-to-door salesman are telling the truth about the products they are selling AND the contracts that consumers sign. I was not given the opportunity to read the entire contract I signed because the salesman I dealt with talked over the entire signing process (see Chris K.’s post below). Obviously, in retrospect, I should have read all the fine print. I know that now. Fortunately, my naïveté didn’t cost me $2800 as it easily could have. I chose to contribute to this thread in the hope that I could prevent someone else from being taken for a ride.

      You’re CLEARLY so much smarter than the rest of us. I’m sorry had to read a thread with contributions from naive schmucks like me, trying to warn other suckers out there. Why don’t you leave this thread and find another one better suited for you like astrophysics or quantum mechanics?

      1. Wendy – you were not duped. Not at all. All alarm companies have comparable prices and agreements. Standard. Again the product you were interested in was displayed ( full disclosure) to you. The company went through all terms on a recorded call. That we would install and deliver all equipment that you were to maintain the monitoring for 60 months. You agreed . Then you make it like you discovered something by reading something that restated something that was displayed to you at least two other times. If someone is doing their job as a salesman please tell them your not interested. Customers like yourself are ignorant to what everyone else seems to understand without question . This gives you a misguided mission and purpose. Every alarm sign you see( and there’s 10 on every street) has the same contract terms that were offered- and accepted by you. No one else feels duped. I’m sorry for being unprofessional but lady you just don’t get it !!!!!

        1. Bullshit. Silverline is an overpriced scam. They operated in my hometown without a business license and went door-to-door preying on the vulnerabilities and fears of the elderly, the disabled, and stay-at-home mothers.

          You know, come to think of it: Anyone interested in a class action lawsuit?

          (Also, seriously, your name is Rich Cashin? That’s really your name? Rich Cashin?).

          1. Yep – that’s his name – ironic, isn’t it?

            Regarding a class action lawsuit, I think that in Oregon at least, the Attorney General has us covered:


            Their website also has on-line form to file a consumer complaint – I used this form to report that Rich Cashin had violated the law by not leaving a notice of a buyer’s right to terminate. I received a letter from the AG’s office saying they’d followed up on it. They didn’t state what had happened – probably due to privacy issues – but at least they contacted Silverline about it.

            Door-to-door sales should just be illegal, frankly. I can’t see any way they are beneficial to anybody except the hucksters who manage to convince somebody to buy their crappy products.

      2. Remember Wendy if you multiply 60 months by 46.99 you come out with the balance you owe on the contract. Out of the millions of alarm contracts sold each year apparently you and Kris are the only ones that don’t understand this. Everyone else is satisfied unless they have a mechanical issue. Wendy in closing Id like to ask you if you contacted any other alarm companies to see what the going terms were. You obviously haven’t . Because if you had you would of seen it was standard. So you are remarking on something that you haven’t really done your homework on . That’s wonderful. Keep up the good work

        1. Wendy- this will be my last response. I will no longer participate in this thread. As I mentioned I no longer work for Silverline Security. I have had quite a year with physical issues and it has taken up my focus. Although unprofessional I have been guilty to responding to what I see as an attack on my name and buisness approach. It is because I take that serious and try to be the most ethical and service orientated person I can be. It is how I was raised . I am sorry if my comments have been overly defensive but again I take this serious and go to great lengths to make myself available to my customers. As mentioned I return to some folks house many times to insure satisfaction. I know it’s not perfect and you can’t please everyone but I do try. Wendy it is my belief that you don’t understand the dealing that you had with me and Silverline a year ago. In my view it was a fair and honest one. But the truth is you did not end up taking the services of Silverline and exercised your cancellation right . So both sides have moved on. Like I said this is over a year ago and you don’t have the service. I myself choose to move forward and no longer participate in this thread. If you choose to get an alarm their are many national companies represented in your neighborhood.

          Thank you
          Rich Cashin

          1. Rich – You are delusional. You say that “No one else feels duped”. Have you even read the other posts in this thread? It is clear that Chris K and Phyllis Minga are feeling duped. Lamar White, Jr. appears to know of a few people who feel duped.

            When you first came to my house, I kept telling you that I had to discuss the alarm install with my live-in boyfriend first, but you wouldn’t accept that and leave. You invited yourself into my house (if you remember, you stood in my open front door for a while, as I told you over and over again that I had an exam to grade – in other words: leave!). After we talked a bit, you literally sat down at my dining room table and started filling out the paperwork for me. If you can’t see that those tactics are too overbearing and that you operate in a moral vacuum, then you are truly delusional.

            We both know you are walking a fine line here. Clean up your side of the street or you will lose more than your good “name and business approach”.


        2. Yeah – I know about multiplication, Rich – do you by any chance recall what I do for a living? Also, see my first post in this thread where I spell out how much money is owed if a Silverline contract is broken prematurely. Apparently Chris K and I are the ones who realized how ludicrously unfair your terms are.

          Good luck with your acting career – I bet your skills as a thespian came in real handy when you were duping people into buying your shitty Silverline products.

  15. I really wish we had read this before signing with these guys.
    Rich also visited us in Portland OR. I liked him well enough until discovering I was on the hook for 60 months. The guy talked over the whole signing process. I thought we where signing to “lock in” the price for that time period, not locking ourselves into a horrible contract.
    Don’t do business with these people. They don’t deserve your money.

    1. Kris its a standard monitoring contract. Standard across the whole industry. Why would you say dont do buisness with these people? They dont deserve our money? I have no idea wshat your talking about Kris. I am happy you didnt buy a system. We find customers like yourself dont understand what is being offered and dont understand that comparitively its a solid deal,

  16. Does anyone know how to reach Rich Cashin? I have been trying to reach him on his phone numbers but they are all disconnected and his email is bouncing. Good News Bob

      1. Paul I am not avoiding anyone. I recently ad surgery on my lumbar,and cervical areas.i am not presently employed at silverline because of surgeries. Please contact customer service for your move. It is clearly displayed in your welcome folder….

  17. Well they got us too. However, we are having problems th them system. It will go off for no reason and instead of calling the police at 3:00 AM they are calling my emergency contact numbers. So then my emergency contact number calls 911. This is rediculous.

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  19. Avez-vous toujours l’intention de créer un tel site ou cela restera-t-il à l’état de projet ?
    Je trouve personnellement que ce serait vraiment une très bonne initiative de décerner un Cambronne d’or, d’argent etc chaque année à des sites ne respectant pas l’accessibilité numérique. Un peu comme pour les Gérard 😉 Vimax

  20. Was wondering how you canceled your ‘Membership’. I’ve been trying to get a hold of them for quite some time and was unable to reach anyone despite what their website say.

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