I have to admit: I’ve been amused by the willingness of a new local blog, Cenla Briar Patch, to give Greg Aymond a taste of his own medicine. Throughout the last couple of weeks, they’ve posted a series of ridiculously and deliberately altered images of Mr. Aymond, and no doubt, it’s in an attempt to satirize and lampoon Mr. Aymond’s hateful, over-the-top, and mean-spirited caricatures of others, including yours truly.

Recently, as I’ve mentioned here, Greg Aymond has painted me as a member of the KKK (ironically, of course, he was an actual member of the hate group); he’s repeatedly called me a “gimp” and cropped me in photos in order to make it appear as if I am wheelchair-bound. In political science, Greg Aymond’s tactics against his critics are typically considered bigoted “containment.” I have encountered this more than once; the principal blogger behind LouisianaConservative.com attempted to shut me up with the same tactics. If I could speak fluent French, I’d ask for you to pardon it; I think most readers know what I’d say.

I don’t know who is behind Cenla Briar Patch, but I know irony when I encounter it. From Greg Aymond, the poor victim of a relentless anonymous assault on the Internet:

Why anyone would expect to have a widely read blog writing soley about people, many of whom are not politicians who enact laws and things that affect your daily lives, who have a very negligable effect upon your lives and only write about what they are thinking, beats me. If anyone doesn’t like what I have to say on this blog, they simply don’t have to read it.
I also think that it is disgusting thaat anyone would hide behind anonymnity to continually leave such vile and vulagr comments even though that should know that very few of them will be published on this blog.
So where would you rather do you blog reading? On a blog that is publsihed by an anonymous publisher, and by someone who identies himself and stands besides whatever he writes?
Aside from his assault on the English language, Mr. Aymond, once and for all, demonstrates his thin-skinned hypocrisy. Poor guy. People have been mean to him! Anonymous people! They’ve been “vile and vulgar.” Don’t they have any heart? I mean, it’s not like he’s some mean-spirited bully who inserts himself into the local news by posting rancid, hateful attacks on his neighbors.
OK seriously, cry me a river, Greg Aymond. Cry me a river. For the first time in your adult life, you’re getting a taste of your own medicine, and it’s a difficult pill for you to swallow.
If our local courts decide to award you in a defamation suit against Ed Hooper, then they’ll be awarding hatred; you’ve defamed Ed Hooper, because you were scared about losing your law license.
I’ll testify, under oath, that you personally told me you were worried your disclosure of privileged attorney/client information– in the Richard Barrett case– could result in your disbarment. Do you think I’ve forgotten this?
Again, pardon my French, but sometimes, it’s what we speak in Louisiana.

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