During the next few weeks, I will be featuring a series of interviews with some of Louisiana’s most accomplished progressive leaders and activists.

I’ve already lined up several of these interviews, and if everything goes as planned, I hope it will offer compelling insights about the future of the Gret Stet of Louisiana, the issues that affect all of us, and the strength and viability of the progressive movement.

If you’d like to be interviewed or if you know someone who can contribute to the discussion, send me a message on Twitter (@cenlamar) or via e-mail (lamarw at gmail dot com). The more, the merrier. Fair warning, though: I believe it’s absolutely critical to ask the tough questions; these aren’t fluff pieces.

Since moving back to Louisiana six years ago, I’ve had the great fortune of meeting dozens and dozens of dedicated and fiercely intelligent progressives, and before I move back to Texas for graduate school, I want to share their voices and their stories with as many people as possible.

So, stay tuned.

3 thoughts

  1. Prior to the Interview Series, why not tell us the difference between a Louisiana Progressive Leader and a Louisiana Liberal Leader? I thought that Progressive was just another name for Liberal. Guess I was wrong about that. So, maybe your series will include some Progressive Republicans? There are lots of Liberal Republicans in Louisiana for sure. Thanks, William

  2. Interesting suggestions, William, and something worth exploring. For now, I am only interested in asking questions and have no desire or intent to write my own definitions.

  3. I have progressive ins in. Texas’ I an moving to Louisiana, next spring and I so very happy to c my progressive is in Louisiana yes!!!!! Tkz mj

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