No matter how hard he may try, David Vitter will never be able to shake off “those New Orleans stories.” 

Yet more proof that Oyster is, as he’s been described before, “the Sinatra” of the Louisiana blogosphere. 

One of my favorite excerpts:

Before votes were cast, Vitter addressed these “rumors” of marital infidelity once again, when he met with a group of Christian conservative pastors including Louisiana Family Forum founder Gene Mills. Vitter assured the reverends he had no “skeletons in his closet.” (Interestingly, one of the multiple sources who confirmed Vitter’s hypocrisy in this meeting was Pastor Grant Storms, the homophobic videographer of French Quarter gays who would later be arrested after two women said they saw him fondling himself in a van overlooking a Lafreniere Park playground.)

How would Grant Storms know something like this? It’s not like he drives around in his van stalking out…. OK, OK, but surely Gene Mills is obviously a man of integrity. It’s not like he’d ever take money from Vitter, even after realizing the man was probably lying to him about the “skeletons in his closet” and was involved in an illegal prostitution ring. Surely that doesn’t square with the values espoused by the good Reverend and the Louisiana Family Forum. Right?

2 thoughts

  1. So, do you think that Melancon will try again in a few years? Or, do you have someone else in mind to challenge David? Seems to me that only a person more “conservative” than Vitter would have a chance at unseating him. That would be a win win race. Conservative vs. Ultra-Conservative.

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