From the Alexandria Daily Town Talk, “Klan Security Forces Turn Away Altercation,” August 20, 1979 (bold mine):

The North Louisiana group and Klan Security moved the shouting match to the front of the building, where Alexandria Police arrested (David) Duke supporter Greg Aymond, 23, of Alexandria for disturbing the peace.

Capt. Glenn Beard said he arrested Aymond when he “kept yelling in my face.” Klansmen bailed Aymond out of jail immediately after the rally.

Duke finished up his speech and left the stage. Later, a still shaken Duke apologized for the disruption.

“This has never happened before,” he said.

This is how Greg Aymond, of Central LA Politics, dressed in 1979 (sitting directly behind Alexandria civil rights pioneer Louis Berry):

Greg Aymond of Alexandria, Louisiana

Photo from The Town Talk.

And here he is again, in another photo from the paper, in October 1979, holding a sign that reads, “GO HOME VIET CONG! WHITE KKK POWER!”:

Greg Aymond of Alexandria, Louisiana

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