Because the blog needs a little levity:

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine, Chris, purchased a stretched golf cart on eBay, the kind of golf cart they use in college and professional football games, complete with the requisite stretcher. It seemed like a strange and random purchase. Chris isn’t a football coach; he’s an artist, a painter. But he and one of his friends had a plan: They’d convert the stretched golf cart into a wrap-around, wood-paneled bar, a party on wheels, which they’d debut at Mardi Gras in New Orleans (Not to serve or sell anything, mind you; just to parade the thing around).

A sight to behold.

Chris asked if I’d link to the Louisiana Bar Cart Facebook page on my new (as yet unfinished and unpublished) blog roll, which I will. (They’re currently building the website Until then, check them out here, here, or e-mail them at They’ll rent it out, I hear, for private parties.

One thought

  1. My Dad used to pull a wagon full of beer around the course with his golf cart, This one is much more classy!

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