CenLamar’s Word Cloud, February 2011

Welcome to the revamped CenLamar.com.

The changes I’ve made are more than aesthetic, I promise.

The website is more interactive and better organized, and for better or worse, now, you can rank the quality of posts and comments. It’s also much easier to subscribe to the site, and I’ve created a “Best of CenLamar” section, which features the most popular posts during the last five years.

In the next few weeks, you’ll notice there are now four different types of posts: a standard, an aside, a link, and a gallery. And you’ll also notice that the banner image may change with each post (I’ll try to keep this to a minimum, though).

More changes are in store.

I will completely revamp the blogroll, which has remained the same for nearly three years. If you know of a website I should add, feel free to make a suggestion.

So continue to stay tuned, and thanks, in advance, for your patience.

10 thoughts

  1. Looks like you need to decrease the size of your graphics big time.
    They say change is good..
    Uh, maybe, maybe not.

  2. I liked the old theme. I like the new theme too. The Alexandria background picture would have looked better if you had smaller page breaks or used page-navi or something. Was the old theme custom?

    1. John–

      I really liked the Alexandria aerial photo as well; I may bring it back. (With special thanks to the LA History Museum).

      The old theme was not customized, and yes, I am on a Mac. (Can you tell by the fonts?)

      1. As far as the aerial photo goes it kinda reminds me of when I lived in Alexandria, I use to climb to the top of the bridge (night time only) and hang out, take pictures and just wonder about stuff. I’ll send you a picture I took to prove it if you like, I’m even in the photo. It’s a very long exposure with me jumping into the frame at some point, the blinking light atop the bridge was my only light for the foreground.

        Just guessing on the Mac part, but now that you mentioned the fonts I can see that. I’m Mac, always have been.

  3. I forgot to mention that, since you are scrubbing your blog…you can delete Cenlahistory. I no longer maintain that blog!

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