Next Monday, you should all drive to the Coughlin-Saunders Performing Arts Center in Downtown Alexandria around 1:25PM.

Free parking.

Free admission.

And you’ll get to hear a series of incredible lectures and presentations from nearly two dozen of the nation’s and the state’s leading experts in urban redevelopment, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), and infrastructure investment.

The keynote speaker on Day One is Mayor Joseph Riley, the long-time Mayor of Charleston, South Carolina. Last year, the President gave Mayor Riley the National Medal of Arts. Riley’s revolutionized his hometown. Today, Charleston is one of America’s top travel destinations. A couple of weeks ago, Charleston was named America’s “Most Friendly City.” In his spare time, Mayor Riley founded the Mayors’ Institute on City Design, which has done incredible things for cities all across the country throughout the last two decades.

You’ll hear from Frederic Schwartz and Carlton Brown about the largest redevelopment project in the history of Jackson, MS and about their recently-launched plans to create sustainable, affordable housing in Ghana and Haiti. Fred’s an internationally-renowned architect, winner of the Rome Prize; he’s been featured in his hometown paper, The New York Times, nearly two dozen times, and he’s taught at Harvard, Yale, and Berekely. Carlton’s one of the country’s most successful African-American developers and a board member of the US Green Building Council. Sundance Channel recently dedicated an episode of their show “Big Ideas for a Small Planet” to Carlton and his work in Harlem.

Jeff Carbo and Mayor Brown Claybar of Orange, Texas are going to talk about the Shangri-La Botanical Gardens, which was recognized last year as one of the country’s top ten green projects by the AIA.

Greg Saville, one of the world’s foremost experts in CPTED, will talk about safe growth. Greg is the coauthor of the National Police Officer Training Program and the founder of the International Association of CPTED.

Steven Bingler and Bobbi Provosty Hill will discuss the idea of “nexus communities.” If you’ve never heard of this before, believe me, it’s a fascinating and intuitive idea.

And there’s much more: Eric Shaw on resiliency in Louisiana, Haley Blakeman on the innovative work being undertaken in Jena, Mayor Fields on Ft. Randolph and Ft. Buhlow, Pat Moore on the development of the Lake Charles promenade, Jason Tudor on neighborhood-level capacity-building in Hollygrove, Tyson Hackenberg on redeveloping brownfields, Chris Camp on emerging trends in recreation infrastructure.

All in Day One. All for free.

On Day Two, show up 9:00AM at Alexandria Convention Hall. Greg Saville will lead and moderate the day’s workshops, which will be focused on public safety and crime prevention.

Again, it’s all free.

In fact, if you’re an architect, landscape architect, engineer, or planner, you may qualify for free Continuing Education hours.

Some come one, come all.


7 thoughts

  1. I do think that some of our local citizens can learn something from this. I hope they can attend with an open mind. I am getting sick and tired of criticism before some folks even bother to try to understand this is an event to educate rather than indoctrinate. I am sure if you attend… you will walk away with some constructive ideas.
    (But then it is much easier to be regressive than progressive.
    Yuck, yuck.)

  2. Any chance of these talks being webcast or archived for future access? It sounds fascinating, although unfortunately I won’t be able to make all of the talks. Is there an online schedule anywhere? Thanks!

  3. So sad that I was not able to go. I looked forward to it very much. I attended the last summit and it was top notch. I am looking at the materials Charrier picked up for me.

    I heard it was awesome! Great job!


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