Greg Aymond, a local blogger and attorney, apparently mined my Facebook account, lifted photographs of me, and altered those photos to make me appear as a Nazi, as Che Guevera, and as Mao Tse Tung. It is weird. To be sure, some of my friends think Mr. Aymond’s images of me are hilarious, but they’re still freaked out. Why is he so obsessed? What’s really going on?

I want to make it abundantly clear: I’ve never met Greg Aymond, but I can’t help but be concerned by him and the way in which he’s criticized me. I have nothing to hide, but frankly, it’s still disconcerting. Greg Aymond is a former member of the Ku Klux Klan who supported and worked for the leader of a White Nationalist organization only three years ago. The guy’s name was Richard Barrett. Earlier this year, Mr. Barrett was murdered by a young, African-American man after Barrett attempted to engage in some sort of homosexual activity with him. During the Jena Six debacle, Greg Aymond not only represented Richard Barrett as an attorney, he also hosted Mr. Barrett, overnight, in his house and interviewed him for his website.

I’ve been trying to bite my tongue, but let’s get this out of the way: Greg Aymond needs to stop; it’s only becoming increasingly bizarre. At this point, as someone who has been lampooned numerous times on his website, I don’t think he is being earnest; I think he’s being dangerously hyperbolic and creepy. Quoting:

Freddy Lamar White doesn’t write his blog for the people of Central Louisiana. Although he told me years ago that he was an Independent, he supports all things that are liberal Democratic. He even attended the last Democratic National Presidential Convention as a blogger.

Again, I’ve never met Greg Aymond. I talked to him on the phone a few years ago, but I don’t know the man. I guess he thinks it’s hilarious that he discovered my first name is Frederick, as if it’s some super-secret, hidden identity. Okay, call me “Freddy.” I was named after my father, who was named after his uncle, Frederick White, a Methodist minister who built Bringhurst Baseball Park. It is weird and does feel somewhat violative for someone who has never actually met me to use my first name against me, as if it’s a pejorative. The funny thing is: The nickname “Freddy” has always been a term of endearment. But whenever Greg Aymond calls me “Freddy,” I can’t help but feel creeped out. Seriously.

He’s a much older man with a track record of supporting divisive causes, a man who apparently spends his spare time doctoring photographs of me that he finds on the Internet. That’s unusual, right? I now have a collection of these photos. Continuing:

But Freddy isn’t even a typical liberal Democrat blogger. He is first and foremost the mouthpiece for his left-wing liberal boss, Alexandria Mayor Jacques Roy. Jacques spent his LSU frat days as one who made fun of Black people by appearing in Black face. Jacques, and therefore Freddy, only support Blacks to maintain Jacques’ political power.

The last election, won by Jacques, had about 3/4ths of the Alexandria registered voters, more so Back (sic) than Whites, who didn’t even bother to vote for him. Freddy and Jacques don’t like that fact that Rapides Parish, as a whole, went Republican in the last election as did most of the entire state. No doubt this deals a devastating blow to any future and higher political ambitions of Jacques Roy.

That is really why Freddy writes his blog to impress the liberal voters of New Orleans and not for the views and benefits of the Central Louisiana people.

Honestly, I don’t care what the man says about my commitment to Central Louisiana. But it should be made clear: Greg Aymond, the former KKK member, is lying about the Mayor appearing in black face. Would never, could never happen. Greg Aymond is a liar– a sociopathic, race-baiting liar. I understand he is suing someone for defamation after being accused of unethical behavior.

To the defendant in the case, Exhibit A.

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  1. It appears you are not the only soul in Cenla who despises Aymond. This post appeared in Cenla Antics.

    True, people do notice Aymond, in the same they notice the gory wreck on the interstate. Aymond is nothing more than a curiosity. Once you have gotten over the shock of his obvious mental derangement, he becomes nothing more than a blathering bore.

    To those who contend that Aymond matters at all about anything, I say…get a grip on reality.

    Aymond is nothing more than a yapping Chihuahua. All he can do is make a lot of irritating noise while nipping ineffectually at the ankles of those who refuse to acknowledge his imagined importance.

    In short, Aymond is a clown. He is an avowed racist, and a consummate liar. He was a mediocre lawyer at best, eeking out a living by practicing law out of the back of his brother’s plumbing shop. He has a massive file with the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board where the complaints from his past clients are detailed. He no longer maintains a law practice… a blessing to the local bar who viewed him as an embarrassment to the legal profession. Now he’s nothing more than a sad little figure, slowly pecking away on his keyboard in a darkened room, surrounded by mounds of twinkie wrappers and empty cans of diet coke.

    Anyone who believes that Aymond is relevant in any way needs a reality check.

    Sunday, September 26, 2010 5:39:00 PM

  2. I am not an avowed racist, I don’t eat Twinkies and I don’t drink diet cokes.

    Don’t believe everthing Lamar wrotes about me.Be smart and open mineded, find out about me for yourself.

    1. I find it interesting that the only descriptive comment that Aymond objects to concerns his snack food choices and the already settled question of his racist leanings.

  3. If the two of you would like to settle this in a gentlemanly manner I would be glad to referee a duel under the oaks at LSUA or the location of your choice.

    1. I appreciate the offer, Alex. But this isn’t a Last Man Standing situation. As much as I’d like to completely ignore this man, he continually, publicly, and personally attacks me without any real cause. Sure, we don’t agree on political issues, but at some point, after having my Facebook mined and photos of me altered to make me look like a Nazi, a communist revolutionary, and a dictator, after being continuously and baselessly accused of “blogging” while working at the City, after being described as an “ofay” who is only interested in politically exploiting African-Americans, it’s no longer an amusing sideshow. It’s creepy. It’s malicious and hateful. It’s irresponsible.

      But most importantly, it’s just wrong. He’s lying.

      I’ve read Mr. Aymond’s response on his blog. It’s all over the place. He’s asking for a willful suspension of disbelief. He suggests he never said anything about someone appearing in black face; an anonymous commenter on his website said that. The accusation, which is absolutely and completely false and ridiculous, may have first been leveled by an anonymous commenter, but Greg Aymond has repeated it continually, without any proof at all, as if it was a fact. He suggests that he didn’t actually represent Richard Barrett or the White Nationalists, that he was just defending the Constitution (i.e. the right of white racists to hold a counter-protest during the Jena Six rally. What a guy).

      I don’t want to duel with the guy. But I think it’s important to raise the red flags. I welcome a civil and respectful debate, but I have very little patience for someone who builds his arguments on a series of malicious fabrications and personal attacks.

      One more thing: There’s a huge difference between joining the Ku Klux Klan and becoming a member of a college fraternity. Greg Aymond wants to convince us that his KKK membership was just a “youthful indiscretion;” it’s just like joining a fraternity, he implies. Whatever. The truth is: Greg Aymond has done very little to demonstrate that he’s no longer a racist propagandist. He’s called local African-American elected officials “n***** street thugs;” he hosted Richard Barrett, a leading White Nationalist, in his home only three years ago; he routinely questions the necessity of infrastructure projects in what he believes to be “black neighborhoods”– not because he thinks the projects are ill-conceived, but because he believes they’re being done at the expense of “white” neighborhoods. He thinks that the noose, a symbol and instrument of lynchings, should be considered an illustration of freedom of expression; he proudly displays an image of a noose on the frontpage of his website. That is precisely why his KKK membership as a young man is noteworthy.

  4. “If the two of you would like to settle this in a gentlemanly manner I would be glad to referee a duel under the oaks at LSUA or the location of your choice.


    I think they just need to wound each other…death is not necessary. Well, then they would babble about who had the steadiest hand.

    Just give it up guys…each of you are always going to find faults with each other. I like to read about stuff, not high school bickering.

    Please take this into consideration.

  5. I have met Greg a couple of times over the years, and we have a number of mutual friends. Greg has a deserved reputation of being one of the most intelligent and capable lawyers in Cenla, at least at one time. I’ve never met Lamar. I agree with Greg, politically, far more often than Lamar. I find the pictoral “parodies” HILARIOUS, though they are, by and large, tastleless (the ones of the Mayor are the best). To both of you guys’ credit, Greg did not take the low road (as another blog, which shall remain nameless) in attacking Lamar on disability grounds and, likewise, Lamar has not tolerated much affront to Greg based on his current status as disabled.

    Having said all of that, you both must know that this conflict, which does appear VERY childish and immature at times, does drive traffic to both blogs. If that’s the goal, keep it up. Neither of you are going to come away looking like statesmen, though.

    Both of you guys have an entertaining take on things. Both of you care about Alexandria. Isn’t this what we want in a marketplace of ideas?

    1. Ace…really??? I mean REALLY???
      “Greg has a deserved reputation of being one of the most intelligent and capable lawyers in Cenla, at least at one time.”

      Are you serious? Intelligent and capable attorneys make a fairly good living because their services are in demand. Contrast Aymond’s financial state with almost any attorney in Central Louisiana who has maintained a practice for 30 plus years. Aymond is living off the federal government now, because he never made a decent living practicing law. Why…??? Because he’s Greg Aymond. His self-made reputation causes revulsion among decent people.

      After just being in the same room as Aymond, I feel a desperate urge to shower.

  6. Ace
    I gotta say you are pretty much on the mark.
    I know them both. They know me…. I laugh at both of them sometimes.. But conflict makes good press, so why not?
    Low road… high road? What ever gets you there.
    I tend to agree with both just depends on what they are bitching about. No one is going to change the rotation of the planet…

  7. While I usually do not agree with Lamar politically, I enjoy his blog for the intelligent thought that he puts into it. Lamar can give his opinion without being offensive. I respect that. It seems if someone disagrees with Greg, they get what they deserve, in his book anyway!

    Lamar, you have got to learn to ignore him completely. He is a pathological narcissist. He will never get so much as a glimpse of understanding into anyone but himself. All one has to do is note the arrogance he has over his education. Yes Greg, you were blessed with intelligence at one time, but look how you have used it. Oh, that’s right, you are not capable because of the narcissistic thing. So sad!!

  8. Aymond continues to whine about people posting unflattering comments about him on his blog, calling them lies. For a compulsive liar to whine about a person getting the better of him at his own game is the height of hypocrisy, especially when the comments posted about him are true. It really intrigues me as to how a person can attempt to paint themselves the martyr whilst continuing to be the main instigator in the matter.

  9. As a secondary thought, I would be concerned about the psychopathic homicidal tendencies displayed by Mr. Aymond. He has already displayed the will to use his personal handgun on Lamar, and someone as bats*** crazy as that is capable of doing so. His ego will somehow convince him that it is justifiable.

  10. Where are these altered pictures the racist Aymond posted? I would like to see them. This may be what is called “Projecting” and can reveal plenty about this KKK member. For example he may privately dream about being Himler’s lover during the 1930’s. I say this because Himler gained wieght after 1940’s. Anything acted out in the photo’s could be a direct desire of the Nazi wannabe.
    It’s worth a look.

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