Yesterday, Alexandria Mayor Jacques Roy coasted to re-election, capturing 62.3% of the vote in a field of four other challengers. Roy raked up significant support in all areas of the City. Despite the prognostications that the election would completely break down along racial lines, Roy won the majority African-American neighborhood of Martin Park and nearly won Acadian Village, another majority African-American neighborhood which had been perceived to be a base of support for at least two of his opponents. His victory clearly demonstrates that Alexandrians were unwilling to buy into the divisiveness peddled by some on talk radio and the blogosphere; it’s a promising sign of where we are as a community and a strong sign that voters endorse Mayor Roy’s record of accomplishment and his vision for our community’s future.

Kudos to everyone who volunteered; I saw their dedication first-hand, and it was impressive. I volunteered on election day for Mitch Landrieu’s most recent campaign for Mayor of New Orleans, and even though New Orleans is a much bigger city with many more precincts, there were just as many election day volunteers for Mayor Roy as there were for Mayor Landrieu. And just like Mayor Landrieu’s campaign, Jacques Roy’s volunteers were a cross-section of the community: young and old, men and women, black and white.

Kudos, also, to Councilman Roosevelt Johnson, who ran a positive and dignified campaign focused on unity and progress. Councilman Johnson refused to frame his candidacy along racial lines or engage with those who traffic in divisiveness, which, to me, is a testament to Mr. Johnson’s integrity.

And congratulations to Councilman-elect Jim Villard, who was elected as Alexandria’s next Councilman at-large. Mr. Villard and his family have always been champions of our City, and I know, without a doubt, that he will serve with distinction and thoughtfulness.

It’s a new day in Alexandria.

3 thoughts

  1. I could not have imagined any other out come.
    Now your adversary’s will find something else to throw at you.
    Ain’t it fun?
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Congrats to Mr. Roy. I think he is a good mayor and is committed to moving the city forward. We have already experienced progress within the City of Alexandria during the past four years and I am happy to experience another four.

    Congrats to Mr. Roosevelt Johnson also for running a clean race. He is a man I much admire. I agreed with his campaign slogan, he does have a heart for Alexandria.

    I think it is no surprise that Myron-signed-$50k-worth-of-catering-invoices-for-city-council-meals-in-one-year-Lawson got the boot. I think Mr. Lawson is very personable and well spoken, however, I have not personally experienced or can point to any benefit from his time in public service to the citizens of Alexandria.

    I look forward to a new day in the city council. Welcome new members. Let’s move Alexandria forward!


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