From Andrew Tuozzolo, campaign manager for Butch Gautreaux, a Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor:

Speaking for the campaign, and for the candidate, Butch Gautreaux at no time has ever endorsed or shared the goals, purposes, or methods of the “Tea Party.” His name’s appearance on the NCLA Tea party website and pledge is a mistake that, now brought to the attention of the campaign, is being rectified as quickly as possible. He will be asking that his name be removed from all NCLA Tea Party affiliated content.

The Tea Party ideals and philosophy, despite often draped in patriotic verbiage and rationalization, are antithetical to Butch’s core beliefs. The Tea Party’s nihilist rhetoric and eccentrically regressive perspective stands in stark contrast to Butch’s long record of fighting for progress, equality and opportunity and for a better Louisiana.

Unfortunately, by clerical error weeks ago, this “pledge” was signed and returned to the NCLA tea party. We will be kindly asking the NCLA Tea Party to remove Butch’s name from among the signees.

On Butch’s behalf, I want to make one thing clear: Butch has never, and will never, be a candidate of any Tea Party, or any group purporting to share the goals of such an organization. Butch has been a strong Democrat, a progressive, and a champion for working Louisianians all of his life. He’s in this race because he believes he can make government work for the people again, not for big corporations or special ideological interests. It’s been our message all along. Louisiana First. Our people, our culture, and our future over politics and polemics.

I hope you’ll understand this error and give Butch a second look.

Senator Gautreaux also sent me and the folks at The Daily Kingfish a personal e-mail renouncing the NCLA Tea Party Pledge, and obviously, his campaign feels very strongly about this issue.

Kudos to them for quickly correcting the mistake instead of simply avoiding the criticism and the questions.

To Royal Alexander and the NCLA Tea Party/Red River Tea Party/whatever you’re calling yourself, I hope you will honor Mr. Gautreaux’s request and remove him from your list.

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