JacquesBarack, I am amazed by the way in which you have attempted to walk back your caricature of me as “Fetal Freddy.” Now, I am suddenly “Lamar” or the “City blogger,” and you’re quick to let all of us know that Von Jennings has nothing to do with what you’ve been blogging– even though you support her 100% and remain outspoken on her behalf.

I know, I know. You even asked me to contribute to your website. I should be honored, but please, let me spare you the bandwidth.

Here’s what I think: You are nothing more than an immature hate-monger, a bigot who got caught, a single blogger who is now attempting to create multiple personalities in order to win back our collective acceptance.

You are in way over your head, and on top of that, you are a publicly-known coward.

You are afraid of telling people who you are.

You are ashamed of putting your own name behind your words.

Anonymous speech is commendable whenever it proves a point and achieves a purpose, but when it is only intended as a thinly-veiled masquerade for a group of people who would otherwise be easily discredited- when anonymity is used as a platform for unaccountable bigotry-then it is not commendable; it’s repulsive.

And that is what JacquesBarack is: Repulsive.

The name of the blog- JacquesBarack- is rather ridiculous: Marrying the name of the first African-American President with the white Mayor of Alexandria, and all in an apparent attempt to promote an African-American candidate. Beware white people: Jacques and Barack, they kind of rhyme!

I know you, and I know exactly- precisely- what you’re up to.  No matter who wins, JacquesBarack will be exposed, laid bare for all of us to see.

Sorry to break the news– but when you are an outspoken bigot, people are less inclined to protect your anonymity. Though, as I said in a previous post, there is a time and a place for everything. I don’t need to bury your blog; I have a feeling you’ll bury yourself.

But either way, I remain on standby.

(Really, honestly, I’m a nice person, but this has all gone way too far. I have to stand up for myself; this has become absurd).

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  1. Lol..> I just got a good chuckle…JB is excited to get 397 blog hits….I get 300 every time I post something new…just from old house folks. Is 300 blog hits really something to brag about?

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