Updates: Sorry, I am not going to allow cowardly, anonymous bigots writing on behalf of a political candidate to convince me to resign. The real story in all of this is JacquesBarack: How a political campaign is sheepishly hiding behind the cover of an anonymous blog in order to launch incendiary attacks against people with the courage and fortitude to put their name behind their words, even when it opens them up for attack.

The blogger(s) responsible for JacquesBarack have continued to defame, ridicule, and insult me for being disabled, all the while insisting that I should lose my job for retracting a post on my personal website.  Apparently, the very people who have labeled me “Fetal Freddy” (because they believe I suffer from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome instead of Cerebral Palsy- Isn’t that hilarious? Aren’t Von Jennings’s friends doing such a great job?) are aghast that I criticized someone else’s actions in their official capacity- a statement I pulled, by the way. I would imagine this particular official is vehemently opposed to JacquesBarack doing his bidding, but that won’t stop JacquesBarack from continuing their bigoted campaign. (Hey, if you want to attack my record and performance in my current job, go right ahead. I can defend my record. But if you continue to attack me by making fun of my disability, then you look like nothing more than a bigoted spokesperson for Von Jennings).

I took down the previous post.

It was stupid, cavalier, and not nearly as clever as I initially thought. Sometimes, I get carried away with language, and the point gets swallowed up by my propensity for rhetorical flourishes. Sometimes, I’m just wrong.

In this case, I tried to take a very complex issue and turn it into an unfair and overly simplistic hypothetical.

It wasn’t very professional of me.

The post was so tortuously assembled that Greg Aymond thought I was actually attacking people for whom I have the utmost respect. That’s my fault.

I actually took the post down before I read Mr. Aymond’s response, but I imagine that he will probably write something about how I pulled the post offline. Because he seems to write about everything I write.

So let me nip this in the bud: I was wrong.

No one ever tells me what to publish. This is all my own self-edited commentary, which has its own inherent hazards. And no one told me to remove any post. Again, I just thought it was not up to the standards I set for myself. It was more concerned with being clever than being fair or accurate. I take full responsibility for that.

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