Apparently, I pushed the buttons of the anonymous flamethrower behind the website JacquesBarack, which is published and operated by a supporter of Von Jennings, who is currently running for Mayor of Alexandria.

Considering the content posted by this supporter, I asked Ms. Jennings to publicly and permanently distance herself from the website. Since it launched in February, on an almost daily basis, the website has published ridiculous, hateful, and defamatory accusations against a number of public officials and private citizens, ostensibly in an effort to promote and establish Ms. Jennings’s candidacy. It hasn’t been pretty, and it’s certainly not befitting of someone who seeks to become Mayor.

So, I simply asked Ms. Jennings to respond to this, and instead, I received a direct response from the anonymous publisher of the website, who refers to me as “Fetal Freddy” (more on that, later).

First though, I respect anonymity whenever it is backed up by integrity, but when anonymity is used as a vehicle to launch baseless personal attacks and defame, ridicule, and harass others for the purpose of advancing a specific candidate for a specific office, it’s nothing more than an exercise in public cowardice. It should definitively demonstrate an attempt at circumventing accountability and transparency; it is inherently dishonest.

And considering that this is all apparently being done by a person who (anonymously) supports Von Jennings, I think it is absolutely appropriate and responsible to ask the candidate herself to respond.

Instead, it appears as if the anonymous blogger is prepared and willing to act as a surrogate. To me, that’s telling.

Let me get to the meat of this:

Earlier today, JacquesBarack published a post titled “Fetal Freddy Has Internet Death Wish” in response:

About a month ago, we didn’t know who Fetal Freddy was.  Then this little lame loser decided to use the same tactics on our poll that he normally uses on the To-To.  Listen you little lame cyberpunk, that may work under Caveman Carty, but not here.  We addressed the problem and promptly moved on.  But the little lame loser just couldn’t leave well enough alone.   So, it’s on.  And this time it’s over when we say its over.  We just wanted to remind Fetal Freddy that he started it.  Our contributors are submitting future posts and JB readers can expect a lot fun.  A lot of informative fun.  And Mini Mayor can thank Fetal Freddy for that.  We know that Fetal Freddy is going to cry that Jacques Barack is attacking him, but that’s because Fetal Freddy is not a grown adult (see pic above).  He’s a little trust fund punk thats been taken care of his entire life.  The type of kid who thinks he can play in traffic with no consequences.  He thinks he can shoot at people and they won’t shoot back.  Welcome to the real world, son.

My name is Frederick Lamar White, Jr. I was named after my father, who was named after his uncle. Like my late father, I have always gone by my middle name, Lamar, though I have friends and relatives who like to call me “Fred” or “Freddy.” Hence the reference to “Freddy.”

Anyone who has ever met me and, without a doubt, the vast majority of people who read this website know that I was born with cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that affects my motor skills. The anonymous blogger at JacquesBarack, who claims he didn’t even know who I was until “about a month ago,” calls me “Fetal Freddy,” because, nearly two months ago, he began publishing a series of posts implying that I actually suffer from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. This, I suppose, is his version of “satire,” floating an Internet meme about my disability.

I find it defamatory and hateful, completely beyond the pale, particularly for someone who is attempting to advance a political candidate.

Cowardly bigoted.

If this represents the type of campaign Ms. Jennings’s supporters intend on waging, then I think she is obligated to account for it. Because apparently, her online supporters are unwilling.

A couple of other things: I have never interfered or spammed any online poll. I guess the anonymous blogger at JacquesBarack was upset that someone messed with his anonymous poll. And maybe it seems provocative to blame me, but regrettably for him, I do not and will never take any of his anonymous online “polls” seriously. His poll may have been spammed, but I had nothing to do with it. I know that must disappoint him.

And if anyone can locate the trust fund that has supposedly taken care of me for my entire life, I would be much obliged.

Anyway, the anonymous blogger at JacquesBarack wasn’t done with threatening me with “internet death.” Hours later, he published “Fetal Freddy Loves Russian Roulette.” It’s a bizarrely disingenuous attempt at excusing his behavior.

You see, it’s okay that he published the personal cell phone number of the Mayor’s pregnant wife and asked readers to harass her, because he didn’t know she was pregnant. Someone should have told him! Or maybe not. Quoting:

We did not know that (she) has pregnant, but now we do thanks to the babbling blogger.  You broke rule number one – don’t give your opponent any ammunition.

This is his idea of political ammunition?

If so, it’s highly disturbing.

He follows this up with a lame argument: Her cell phone number was included in a signature line on a private e-mail about a campaign event that was leaked to and published by another local blogger; ergo, it’s “fair game” to ask readers to call and harass.

Even more disturbing and disconcerting, he suggests that when a candidate publishes a photograph of their family online, then the “family,” which in this particular case includes a six-year-old and a newborn, are “fair game.” Quoting:

If (he) has a political website with a picture of his family, then his family are fair game.

A couple of months ago, the anonymous blogger at JacquesBarack published a photograph of the Mayor’s small child, alongside a letter he wrote under the child’s name. I suppose he believes that such tactics are simply a part of the sport of politics. I think it is reckless and totally irresponsible, and no, I won’t link to it.

He followed up all of this with a spirited defense of Von Jennings, in which he suggested that Ms. Jennings was fired by the City of Alexandria because she was “doing her job.”

Consider the source.

6 thoughts

  1. Lamar, the sad reality is that this person(s) will more than likely never come forward. The inflammatory rhetoric, indeed, it could be interpreted as inciting violence toward an elected officials family, guarantees a continued cowardly posture. My advice, unsolicited, is to limit responses, or simply ignore. These kind of people thrive on any kind of response or reaction. Ignore and eventually they get bored and go away.

    1. Brian, I agree: It is extremely unlikely that someone who has repeatedly demonstrated public cowardice would ever come forward and claim personal ownership of this inflammatory and often defamatory rhetoric.

      But this isn’t exactly a new development. This guy has been operating the website for the last five months, and it’s clear that the site is intended to specifically promote Von Jennings.

      Either way, I will take your advice and limit responses, unless and until Ms. Jennings’s blogger-supporter finds the courage and integrity to put his name behind his words.

  2. This person is completely uncouth, uncultured and an absolute coward.

    Elections are supposed to be won in the marketplace of ideas. What this character is doing is engaging in the absolute lowest form of discourse. He reminds me of an 8-year-old boy because of the crude and ignorant manner of his words. He is just like a frustrated schoolyard bully with nothing of any value to contribute to the community except insults and chaos.

    My advice: Take the high road. Ignore the insults and deny him the pleasure of seeing any injury. I like the suggestion above that you should ignore this person. That would be the worst fate of all for him.

    Lamar, it can be discouraging to read such cruel things written about you, but know that he writes from hate and willful ignorance, and that’s his karma, not yours.

    On a happier note, looking forward to seeing you at Rising Tide again this year. We’ve got a great program in the works and we’ll have a room full of active, forward-thinking people who find common good in finding common ground.



  3. Lamar, I read each of these posts dreading the latest malicious attack against you. I admire your courage and calm and am saddened by these folks’ warped sense of community and of public service. Stay safe buddy.

  4. He or she is a coward and will not come forward and take credit for their actions. Even though I remain anonymous to the public, all the bloggers know my true indemnity and respect my wish to remain just Alex Cenla. JB has no intention of standing up for their comments.
    So I agree They should not be acknowledged in any way. As Brian said , they thrive on attention. So give them none.

  5. I can only surmise that he or she thinks saying things like this is the quickest and easiest way to draw attention to his or her own blog. They are taking the easy rout and are dreadfully off track. Commenters like these emerge from time to time and never last. Their failure is they don’t understand they are in a forum of thought and ideas. Phrases like “it’s on,” “it’s over when we say its over” and “he started it” clearly reveal the unpreparedness of the blogger for any manner of political debate. It uncovers a disregard for civility. It damages the accuser more than the accused. I can’t see how the blogger doesn’t realize that. It is the rhetoric of this person’s blog that is the Internet suicide – for anyone directly or indirectly associated with it.

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