I. Greg Aymond:

Let’s get this straight: I don’t know what Greg Aymond currently does for a living. I know he had a stroke, and I believe this has been a source of suffering for him.

Like me, he is very obviously disabled, though in a completely different way.

He spends an inordinate amount of time publicly chastising people elected to represent his hometown. He believes many of them are criminals. He wants the FBI to intervene.

To me, Greg Aymond’s rants are frequently pathetic, paranoiac, absurd, and ridiculous; they are dangerously detached and often bigoted.

And perhaps this should not be surprising, considering Greg Aymond was once a member of the Ku Klux Klan and recently blogged about the “N**** Street Thugs” of Alexandria, among other things.

Knowing what I know and being fortunate enough to have a front row seat for all of this, I can report, definitively, that when it comes to the levees, Jacques Roy, the LRA, CDBG funds, and other related issues: Greg Aymond has no idea what he is talking or writing about. He’s more interested in slamming the Mayor than in reporting the facts. I’ve read everything Greg has written about the levee situation, and he is clearly and obviously disconnected and uninformed.

Rapides Parish received a waiver in order for the LRA Gustav/Ike money to be allocated for levee repairs. Greg wants to get the FBI involved. Seriously. I guess he thinks that the waiver we received is somehow a part of a grand conspiracy. Riiiight.

One more thing: To AlexCenla, my friend: DUDE, the BIGGEST “drainage” project in Central Louisiana IS levee certification. With all due respect, really?

II. Von Jennings:

Unless and until Von proves otherwise, I will continue to believe that she is personally responsible for the content posted on the website JacquesBarack dot blogspot dot com.

If Von really wants to become Mayor of Alexandria, then she would be wise to publicly and permanently distance herself from the fools who publish the website that endearingly endorses her.

Otherwise, Von Jennings is nothing more than a cowardly bigot.

And yes, I mean it: If Von Jennings refuses to reject the abject hatred posted by her most outspoken online advocates (at JacquesBarack), then Von Jennings is nothing more than a cowardly bigot.

You can’t simply get away with publicly harassing the Mayor’s pregnant wife, Von.

It is absolutely disgusting that you allowed (even if it was passive) your supporter(s) to publish her personal cell phone number, encouraging people to call her as often as possible. You sat idly by as your blogger friends posted a photograph of the Mayor’s six-year-old child, along with a fake letter your friends wrote under the child’s name.

Sick, sick, sick.

Do you honestly believe “your bloggers” are off-limits because they pretend to be anonymous, Von?

Do you think it’s appropriate to suggest that I suffer from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? I have cerebral palsy, Von. Do you think it’s fair game to publicly defame my mother? You think it’s okay to make fun of my disability?


I call on Von Jennings to personally and publicly respond to the accusations leveled by her apparent friends at JacquesBarack.

Of course, she will never become Mayor of Alexandria, but in the meantime, Von and her friends are doing an amazing job destroying her credibility and her future.

It’s sad.

9 thoughts

  1. Lamar I don’t think the word disabled really works for you. Lots of things are certainly a challenge physically, but I’ve yet to see you ever not to be able to do anything you’ve set out to do.

    And agreed, this whole online dynamic has been a very sad chapter in what has become one of the more vibrant blogging communities in the state. To see intelligent people who probably truly do have the best interests of the community in mind, twist their own views, or allow their supporters to twist them into a series of juvenile bigoted stances is sad and very disappointing.

    1. Thanks Drew. I suppose I meant that both of us have noticeable disabilities. It’s hard to deny that I walk funny. I don’t mind the word “disabled,” though I can certainly empathize and understand why others would object.

      And yes, I agree: It’s all very sad and disappointing. Ultimately, a waste of energy, human talent, and intellect.

      And all for what? How, on earth, does this build any credibility? (I know I am preaching to the choir here, but it’s still confounding).

  2. Lamar
    I try to stay out of pissing contest’s..BUT
    The way I view the levee and drainage problems.
    After 70 plus years of viewing it.
    The drainage comes first.
    Levee’s second.
    Too many people I have known have had to start over more than once because of drainage problems.
    They have NEVER been addressed properly.
    In the last 75 years how many Central Louisiana residents have lost their homes to levee breakage?
    (It’s that dammed old common sense again.)

    1. If we don’t fix the levees, then 95% of Alexandria will be in the floodplain.

      That said, I think we can walk and chew gum at the same time. There is absolutely no reason to believe that repairing levee deficiencies will prevent or prohibit drainage repairs.

  3. I said nothing about not fixing the levee’s.
    And looking at historic maps and photographs of past flooding without levees, the real figure is about 30+% Mostly to the north.
    Quit trying to pick a fight where there is none.
    And I do know you can walk and chew gum at the same time.
    I admire your tenacity.

    I continue to remain neutral in this charade.

    1. Thanks Alex.

      While, historically, it may seem like only 30% of the area would be affected, FEMA will use a completely different (and in my opinion completely ridiculous) methodology.

      I’m not trying to draw you into an argument, only to respond the the accusations that “this is criminal.”

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