By the way, after being broken wide open by ABC News, this story has been covered by a number of national news organizations, yet, for some reason, it’s remained conspicuously absent from the newspaper pages and the nightly broadcasts of the Louisiana media– which is made even more confounding when you consider that the New Orleans CBS affiliate actually (apparently) conducted an interview with Vitter about the controversy, an interview they have yet to air:

A search of TVeyes.com reveals that WWL has yet to cover the story or air Hoss’ interview of Sen. Vitter — a finding confirmed by WWL news director Chris Slaughter during a phone conversation withMedia Matters.

The fact that WWL has yet to air the interview or cover the story is all the more intriguing given the fact that ABC News was unable to directly question Vitter.

So, why hasn’t WWL covered the story or run its Vitter interview?

Slaughter said the issue “is on a list of potential stories we are considering. We are doing additional research.”

Asked if there was a timeline for WWL’s consideration of the story or the airing of its interview with Vitter, Slaughter replied, “No, not at all.”

When presented with the juxtaposition of ABC News being unable to pin Vitter down for an interview while WWL’s Hoss had been successful, Slaughter said only, “If CBS is interested in the story, we’d be happy to provide them with the video.”

For more, visit The Daily Kingfish.

10 thoughts

  1. Typical Democratic tactic. Why doesn’t Meloncon focus on Vitter’s voting record or offer some substantive reasons why he would serve us better as US Senator. Everyone knows Vitter has issues. Tell us something we don’t know!

    1. Typical Democratic tactic? Really?

      This guy, Furer, was a senior-level aide to a United States Senator. He was arrested and pled guilty to charges that he severely beat his then-girlfriend. This was two years ago. His boss, the Senator, knew of this crime, but the aide didn’t lose his job. In fact, apparently, the Senator assigned him to work on “women’s issues.”

      From where I sit, it seems like the only reason this aide “resigned” is because ABC News, two years after the fact, uncovered his criminal record. Furer hadn’t only been arrested for severely beating his girlfriend; there were DWIs, a cocaine possession arrest, and accusations of injurious road rage. The guy is apparently WANTED in Baton Rouge.

      I can’t be as nonchalant as you. I think that covering for and continuing to employ someone who repeatedly engaged in this type of behavior represents a lack of seriousness and a disrespect for the institution of the United States Senate, and I believe that this is substantive, insofar as it reflects Vitter’s actual staffing priorities.

      Not everyone knows Vitter has issues, and not everyone knows about this critical issue.

  2. How many folks who were going to vote for Vitter do you think will now vote for Charlie based on your report?

  3. What about former President Clinton? He championed a lot of women’s issues, and he championed a few women too.

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