5 thoughts

  1. Thank you, Joe Barton, for your wonderful gift to the Democrats. BP owns you lock, stock, and barrel, and like a good little lap dog, you gave them a BP (Barton ‘Pology).

  2. Maybe Barton should move somewhere else since he doesn’t want to live in a country where when someone does something wrong they are held accountable!!!!

  3. To the BP guy for the bleeding hearts crying over a FEW million SPILLED fishies and

    To the BP guy for all those wimps on the gulf supposedly having financial hardship allegedly because of the spill. REAL AMERICANS would suck it up (the spill) and never divulge their lousy financial situation…

    To the BP guy for much of the United States, albeit some of the most beautiful parts of the country, getting in the way of spilled black gold…love it or leave it…

  4. To paraphrase Bob Shrum, Joe Barton revealed the dark heart of the Republican Party, which believes that corporations can do no wrong and therefore must be protected from any government attempts to hold them accountable.

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