Pardon the infomercials; the music is terrible :

But I have a point:

This is your one chance to join our 16 impressive 2010 Fellows for an afternoon of progressive training, discussion, and networking.  We are excited to partner with the Truman National Security Project to present National Security Bootcamp:

National security is no longer just a national issue. State and local leaders are now asked to address many issues in a “security” context, from immigration to energy security, the readiness of police and firemen to National Guard readiness; as well as critical infrastructures and homeland security funding. State and local leaders need to master these issues early in their careers to govern well—and to show their potential for national leadership.

Truman National Security Bootcamps are one-day trainings tailored to states and localities. They provide progressive leaders with the foundations of national security understanding, and training in talking about tough issues.

Register today and join us on April 17th to get a glimpse of how NLC operates and why you should be a part of the most exciting progressive organization in Louisiana!  Space is limited, so register now to reserve your spot.

We will be starting at 1:30pm in the Howe/Russell Geoscience Complex, Room E131, on the LSU Campus in Baton Rouge (more info and directions:  If you have any questions, please feel free to call Matt Bailey at 504.322.4702.

(And kudos to our fellows for putting on an amazingly successful fundraiser last night).

Register here:

8 thoughts

  1. No offence intended, but why is it reminding me of the methods used in the Hitlerjugend . Progressive is becoming a dirty word. Do not get me wrong but it smacks of socialistic ideology a bit.
    But then I am just an old geezer.

    1. Alex, I know you meant no offense and are just poking fun at me, but believe me, you’re way off base here. I’ve met many of the national leaders behind this organization: They are some of the most impressive young leaders in this country– people who have served this country with distinction in the military, non-profit directors, accomplished attorneys, and top policymakers.

      I am excited that we have brought this opportunity to engaged, young Louisianans– people who are committed to making a positive difference in our shared future.

      Considering your contributions to our community, I would think that you would applaud these young people for wanting to educate themselves on how to be effective leaders.

  2. Define “socialist.” Conservatives are throwing words around – and most of them don’t even know what they mean. They are just afraid of progressive ideas because they actually make sense, so they (you) know that they can just call something “socialist” and thus not have to debate it from any sort of intellectual perspective = no knowledge required! From where I sit, conservatives are all about “me” and progressives are all about “us.” We sink or swim together, as a society. There is no intellectual support for the conservative movement as it stands – so the easiest thing to do is just to name-call.

    So tell us, Alex, what exactly about these videos or ideas is socialist? Please compare/contrast to socialist movements throughout history and cite your references.

  3. Use your God given intelligence. Common sense and the ability to look back and see how most of the ideas were used in the past. I will not argue with your words..Just the motive behind them. Very few ideas are new , They have been tried before in one ideology or the other.
    Makes you mad to hear opposition, hum? That’s what made America what it is….
    I love it!

  4. Oh, and “Jim Bob” I am neither conservative nor progressive.
    Labels mean nothing. Accomplishments mean everything.

  5. Thanks, Alex, for your two posts that essentially say: I have no argument, I have no facts or knowledge to back up my assertions, but I am entitled to make statements out of ignorance because this is America — and those opinions must be right because they come from my GUT, and my gut doesn’t lie.

    I’ll leave you alone now so you can get back to your tea party…

  6. Also, my God-given intelligence and common sense suggests that you probably aren’t very bright, Alex. Sorry.

  7. Your comments give away your intelligence..”grasshopper”
    One day..we may meet.You understood nothing I said…. I smile on you.
    and bask in my ignorance..

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