From The Times-Picayune:

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s chief campaign fund-raiser is recovering from injuries she suffered in a Friday night altercation with a group of people in the French Quarter, the governor’s office said Monday.

Allee Bautsch suffered a broken leg and her boyfriend suffered a concussion and a fractured nose and jaw in the incident, which happened after a fundraising event at Brennan’s Restaurant on behalf of the Louisiana Republican Party on Friday evening.

Jindal was at the fund-raising event at the restaurant, but was not present when the incident occurred.

Kyle Plotkin, a Jindal spokesman, said Bautsch had surgery during the weekend and is facing a recovery time of two to three months.

“NOPD is investigating the incident and we are refraining from further comment to allow them to fully investigate and ensure justice is done,” Plotkin said. “Our prayers are with Allee. She is a strong person and we are sure she will make a speedy recovery.”

Two things: I certainly hope Ms. Bautsch and her boyfriend recuperate quickly, and that whoever is responsible for this assault is arrested and brought to justice.

I have to wonder: This happened on Friday night, so why was it first reported Monday afternoon? (Just asking; not pointing any fingers).

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  1. Seems a little fishy to me… “altercation with a group of people” in the French Quarter sounds like a drunken brawl..

  2. why did you find this story blog worthy, lamar? was it b/c a man and woman got the crap beat out of them on bourbon street. no. it was b/c she works for the jindal administration and it was reported 3 days later. so now we have a big conspiracy. instead of talking about the cesspool of crime and corruption that has become new orleans, you post this crap. oh well, guess you didnt want to offend your blogger friends down in the big easy.

    1. Dan, this story was on the front page of the website of the state’s most widely-read newspaper for most of yesterday afternoon; it was also referenced by a number of conservative bloggers and is currently up on The Dead Pelican.

      “instead of talking about the cesspool of crime and corruption that has become new orleans, you post this crap.”

      Dan, this story is about crime in New Orleans.

  3. I think that since the police are still investigating what happened that we shouldn’t be quick to assign blame and assign victim status.

    I agree that if it turns out that she and her boyfriend are actually victims that those who assaulted her should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. I would even argue that if she was a victim that it could possibly be a hate crime because of where she was (depending on who did it).

    However, since we do not know the details we cannot know who started the fight and why it got to a point where her leg got broken. Let the police do their job.

  4. Mr. Cook-
    The reason we wonder about an incident in which Piyushites get the crap beat out of them and a) don’t report it to NOPD until the next day, and b) it takes three (3) days for it to be reported in the news make us wonder what really happened. First, it follows the pattern of secrecy of her bosses administration. If they were attacked without provocation or fault you would think the cops would have been called immediately. Or maybe somebody didn’t like their pimp and ho outfits.

  5. i’m sure it wasn’t some of those crazy libs hanging around and protesting. i mean only conservative protestors are violent, right? the fact that any of you condone the beating of a woman in any situation shows alot about the character of “ahem” men you are. you act like she and her boyfriend are the guilty ones b/c it wasn’t reported until later.

  6. Who is condoning the beating of a woman? I must have missed that. I sure haven’t.

    It does raise questions if the police were not called immediately. Why would you not call the police immediately? I am not sure where people are getting that they waited to call the police though. I see no mention of when the police were called in the article.

    I think people like yourself, Mr. Cook, are quick to assume that she is a “victim”. Let the police determine that.

    1. Let me make it abundantly clear: When I wrote that it was first “reported” on Monday afternoon, I was referring to media reporting, not to the time in which this assault was reported to the police. I also have found no reason to assume that this assault was not immediately reported to the police.

  7. i think alot of you hope like hell that she and her boyfriend were the aggressors regardless of what happened to her. and yes i think people like yourself would be okay with it if it turns out a man broke her leg.

  8. per the AP and i’m paraphrasing “looking for 3 to 5 white males, one with a beard and ponytail, who fled the scene after the female fell and broke her leg.”

    cowards. that includes you and your 2 buddies that have responed to me about my comments. the media is trying real hard to not state the obvious. these douchebags were protesting outside brennan’s and got into a verbal altercation that escalated and ran when the woman was hurt. i was raised differently i guess. the mysoginism displayed by the left is sickening. i guarantee if the odds were 5 to 5 there would have never been a physical altercation. but 3 to 5 guys against 1 guy and 1 girl. cowards would take those odds any day.

    1. Mr Cook: We have this little concept in our country called “innocent until proven guilty”. All involved in the incident should be treated as such until proven otherwise. So to call anybody in this incident a “victim” is premature. How do you know who took the first swing?

      Your false assumption that I, or anyone else for that matter, WANT the campaign staffer of Bobby Jindal (or her boyfriend) to have been the aggressor is just pure made up right wing propaganda garbage. In fact I HOPE she wasn’t the aggressor because all this state needs is another embarrassment coming from the office of the Governor.

      And I will point out one thing, just to show how anxious you are to pin this on liberals:

      “While there were protesters outside the event at Brennan’s, it is not know[n] if they were involved in the incident. ”

      You are ASSUMING both that the couple is innocent of any wrongdoing in this matter AND that the other people involved are part of those protesting. You have no reason to make such assumptions.

      Governor Jindal is smart enough to know that we should refrain from speculation until the matter is resolved. You should follow your hero and do the same.

  9. first of all, governor jindal is not my hero. i voted for him last election, but would not vote for him for dog catcher if he were to run. with that being said, it is a shame you don’t have the intellectual honesty to admit that if these were 2 people leaving a democrat function and were attacked, the main stream media would be shouting from the roof tops that the tea party was responsible!!! hell madow and olbermann would be doing thier shows nightly from the french quarters. my whole point in this is two fold, i would be any amount of money that 1. the police were called when the couple showed up at hospital and 2. that the media chose not run the story until later b/c of who it was. Also, i dont care if the people attacked were black, white, liberal, conservative, gay or straight, i would have done my best to step in and help even the odds. i may have toted away an ass whipping, but i would have tried to make a difference b/c no one deserves to be brutally beaten, i dont care who you are. i was raised differently, right is right and wrong is wrong. spend your life living in the gray area. that way you dont really have to stand for anything.

  10. Dan: If I was there and two people were being assaulted, I wouldn’t care WHO they were I would help out as well.

    Again, you make more false accusations about who I am or what I would do in the situation.

    You are blinded by your hatred of the left and it is clouding your judgment.

    Personally, I am annoyed by any news media outlet that sensationalizes the pain of other people and uses it for profit. I wish that in cases where potential crimes are involved that the media would stay out of it and just let the justice system prevail. It doesn’t matter to me who the victim is, what political affiliation they hold, or what other group we can push them into.

    To me, the job of the media should be to expose when justice is NOT prevailing and people are failing to take action. In this case it seems to me that the police are investigating the matter and trying to determine who is at fault so whoever is at fault can be brought to justice. That is all I ask for, yet for some reason you keep insisting on attacking me because I am a “liberal”.

    It is really pathetic.


  12. Will, nobody should get assaulted for their political beliefs and if after the investigation is complete it turns out that this is what happened, the guilty people should be charged with hate crimes.

    I have seen no links showing wh0 threw the first punch. Do you have any links showing that?

  13. you honestly believe that a man escorting his lady friend after a gathering is going to throw the 1st punch when confronted by atleast 3 and possibly 5 men. like i said….

    1. Dan C: I don’t know the boyfriend so I do not know what he is capable of. I also do not know how much alcohol (i.e. liquid bravery) he had that night that might cause him to take an action that he might otherwise not have taken.

      You can assume all you want about what happened that night. You can speculate all you want about what scenarios you feel are more likely than others.

      I choose to not speculate on guilt. To me, that is common sense. If you think that common sense means that you jump to conclusions without all the facts, then you have a bizarre definition of “common sense”.

  14. “I also do not know how much alcohol (i.e. liquid bravery) he had that night that might cause him to take an action that he might otherwise not have taken.”

    none of the stories and reports i’ve read said anything about drinking or liquid courage. are you assuming they were drinking? you reek of intellectual dishonesty, zed. you fail to acknowledge the fact that had this been a couple leaving a dem. function and were attackws, you and the rest of the lib. nation would want heads on a stick. hell we have an ex president as well as our current president convicting the tea party for violence that has yet to happpen. like i said the level of dishonesty shown by the left. you know the the old “throw enough crap against the wall, some of it will stick” mantra.

    1. I did not assume that they had anything to drink. As I said… I don’t know how much he may have had. He may have had none.

      If this was a Democratic function I would also be calling for a full investigation into the matter and that people shouldn’t jump to conclusions before all the facts are known.

      So are you basically saying that because some people would jump to conclusions if it was two liberals who got hurt that it is ok to jump to conclusions because two conservatives got hurt? When you got in trouble as a kid, did you try the “but they did it too” excuse? How did that work for ya?

      “like i said the level of dishonesty shown by the left. you know the the old “throw enough crap against the wall, some of it will stick” mantra.”

      Right, because that is a “liberal” thing.. because conservatives never do that… especially in the healthcare debate.

      Please. Both sides are guilty of disingenuousness.

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