According to John Maginnis and others, former LA State Senator James David Cain is considering a bid for the United States Senate.

Cain is a former member of the Louisiana House. He once lost a Congressional election but was then elected to four subsequent terms in the Louisiana Senate. In 2006, he ran for a statewide position- Insurance Commissioner- and received nearly 40% of the vote.

From The Independent Weekly:

“The upshot of his candidacy, however, could be another senator for President Obama,” Maginnis writes, “if Cain acts as a spoiler by drawing enough rural white votes from Sen. David Vitter to give Congressman Charlie Melancon a plurality in the November election.”

Cain hasn’t ruled out running as a Republican, “but the other way is a possibility too,” he tells Maginnis. He did confirm that if he’s elected he would caucus with the Republicans as “a check on Obama.”

Cain acknowledges Vitter’s vulnerability with social conservatives due to the sex scandal that has dogged the senator since 2007. “A lot of ladies don’t want to vote for Vitter,” he also tells Maginnis.

Now 71, Cain served 20 years in the House and 16 years in the Senate, losing a 2006 special election for insurance commissioner to Jim Donelon, 50-39 percent. The following year, he tried unsuccessfully to return to the House, losing to Rep. Dorothy Sue Hill.

One thought

  1. Back in the day, Cain was the author of the beat up a flag burner bill for a reduced $25 fine. A true patriot. 😉

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