On March 30th, you publicly “challenged” me on your blog to produce documentation that suggested you were not paid by Cenla Broadcasting during your tenure as a political talk radio host.

In your post, you acknowledged the accusation that you were “unpaid” was widely broadcast, though you singled me out for propagating misinformation.

Later that day, I responded to your “challenge.” I provided links to your 2008 financial disclosure reports, which definitely stated that Cenla Broadcasting was not a source of your income. Did you become officially employed by Cenla Broadcasting after January 1, 2009 or had you actually worked for them prior to that date?

It has been nearly a month since you “challenged” me, and although I responded to you immediately and publicly, you have yet to address any of the questions raised.

So please allow me to repeat them:

1. Will you list your salary from Cenla Broadcasting as a source of income?

2. Or will you list it as an “in-kind” contribution?

3. Do you intend on making any mention of this compensation on your campaign finance reports?

4. If you received radio ads for your website, for example, would you consider this a campaign contribution?

5. Did you receive a salary or were you paid “in-kind”?

To be honest, one of the main reasons I referred to your position as “unpaid” is because your friend Greg Aymond posted:

It is my understanding that Steve was remunerated for his service by a payment in kind. That is enough for his getting fired.

Either way, he was told not to come back.

I suppose, technically, an in-kind payment is a payment for services, though, according to your friend, you were not being paid a salary. That’s the distinction I was attempting to make, and if it is incorrect and you did receive a salary as a talk radio host, I will gladly retract my previous statements and make it abundantly clear to my readership here that an elected member of the Police Jury received a salary to host a talk radio show. That is a much more interesting story.

6. On a related note, if you were, in fact, compensated by in-kind payments, as Mr. Aymond claimed, then what were those “in-kind” payments?

7. Were they commercials for your blog site? What about your barbecue business?

8. Will we all have to wait until May 15th or will you go ahead and make these disclosures now?

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