Greg Aymond, a local blogger and attorney who was once a member of the Ku Klux Klan and recently represented a group of white nationalists during the Jena Six fiasco, (apparently) recently discovered Microsoft Paint or CorelDraw.

A week after publicly suggesting that African-Americans were, by and large, ethically challenged, quoting:

…Ethics among Blacks is usually a lacking character trait.

Mr. Aymond called the majority African-American City Council a “pack of monkeys”:

It’s difficult to believe Mr. Aymond is truly committed to a “colorless” society, as he claims to be, when he refers to African-Americans as “monkeys,” “n***a(sic) street thugs,” and unethical, despite whatever his friends may say about his credentials as an “expert” or an “investigative journalist.”

And it’s even more difficult to believe in Mr. Aymond’s objectivity and, for that matter, his patriotism, whenever he posts stuff like this:

To me, Mr. Aymond’s latest rants would seem much more revolting if they weren’t so disturbed and bizarre.

It’s almost as if he is purposely doubling-down on delusional obsession: The Mayor is Superman meets bin Laden; he somehow controls FEMA and the Army Corps; he is somehow responsible for decisions on all levels of government, including actions taken decades ago.

I would hope that when the mainstream media quotes or references Mr. Aymond, as they have done in the past, they would include an appositive about his background. Something like this:

The Mayor has been criticized by Greg Aymond, a former member of the Ku Klux Klan who now operates a website that has labeled the City Council as a “pack of monkeys” and has compared the Mayor to Osama bin Laden.

He’ll squeal, of course. Nearly every time I have posted something about him, he’s reciprocated by attempting to personally attack my character. Let me save him some time:

Lamar is a paid propagandist and spoiled brat who is not nearly as experienced or intelligent as I am. After all, I have a law degree.

The problem is: I do not and will never care what Greg Aymond says about me, as long as he continues to publish racist, incendiary, and delusional observations about the things he reads in the newspaper or watches on his television.

How many public meetings has Greg Aymond attended about the levees?


How many meetings has he attended about SPARC?


What about the Downtown Hotels Initiative?


He demands and commands attention because he is purposely provocative and incendiary, but the thing is: He’s ignorant. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, at all. He is still scrambling to figure out the levees situation. Earlier this week, he wondered if the Coast Guard had any jurisdiction. The Coast Guard, really?

He completely invented his own numbers about the Downtown Hotels Initiative, and he continues to erroneously and publicly state, without any record of integrity, that the public will be forced to spend $24 million, a figure so egregiously inflated and false that it almost seems criminal–because he couldn’t and wouldn’t know any better.

That is the heart of the problem: Greg Aymond can’t and won’t know any better. He’s no expert, no matter what he may suggest.

5 thoughts

  1. Wouldn’t it be easier to fight it out in the parking lot after school? This blog fighting is getting tiresome.

  2. Hey, I could be your stand-in for the yard fight. All kidding aside, the sad reality is that sooner or later Aymond will cross the line legally, or at least, find himself defending an expensive lawsuit. I taught at the university level nine years. Frankly, degrees, especially law degrees, mean nothing in many peoples hands.

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