February makes me shiver.

My father, Lamar White, Sr., died nine years ago this month. He was 41 years old when he passed away.

He was the most intense and the most passionate person I have ever encountered. Seriously.

One day, maybe I’ll be able to tell the whole story. Or, at the very least, the story about the cava bowl.

Some of my late father’s favorite songs:

2 thoughts

  1. Your father and I were friends at ASH (’77). We were in the specialty choir together (Alexandrians) and Advanced Math our senior year, and shared some other classes and activities over the years I’m sure. I don’t think I had any contact with him since high school, as classmates tend drift away in pursuing our own college and career paths. I was most saddened to learn of your Dad’s passing several years ago. He was passionate, and while voted ‘most likely to succeed’ and team quarterback and very popular, he never flaunted his success, and had a maturity and and attitude of inclusiveness well beyond his years.

    Best wishes and may God bless you, your mother, and the rest of your family.

    Houston, TX

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