Earlier today, on Steve Coco’s blog, Steve Coco wrote about how, during Steve Coco’s morning radio show, the Mayor showed up to chat with Steve Coco. Quoting Steve Coco on Steve Coco’s blog:

Alexandria Mayor Jacques Roy rushed to the KSYL Radio studio Tuesday morning, apparently in “damage control” mode. Some Alexandria utility customers have been calling about late bills, no bills or no cut-off notice. I have mentioned my bill was high, $432, the highest bill ever.

The mayor said he pulled my records showing my consumption was up and fuel surcharge percentage actually lower than a year ago. That is correct. As a matter of fact, I NEVER said at any time that my bill was WRONG or bogus, I just don’t like paying a high utility bill. The mayor also said that I am NEVER right about ANYTHING I say about the City of Alexandria. I consider that statement from Mayor Roy to be an EXTREMELY high compliment. The mayor believes I’m always wrong and he’s always right quoting statements out of context and omitting pertinent details. Well, it doesn’t matter what Mayor Roy or I think. It matters what the public thinks. It’s a matter of credibility and credibility is ascertained by public opinion. What’s your opinion?

You can hear the mayor’s comments on the podcast replay on KSYLdotcom about 45 minutes into the program.

And I also recommend you listen to the Mayor’s comment.

The Mayor didn’t “rush” in. That’s ridiculous. Steve Coco had previously requested a review / “re-read” of Steve Coco’s utility bill, so it’s disingenuous and dishonest for anyone to imply Steve Coco was singled out. He asked for his bill and usage to be scrutinized, and he aired his concerns on the radio.

The Mayor lives three or four blocks away from the radio studio, and after one caller directly requested the Mayor answer questions and after Steve Coco spoke about his own impressions regarding utility bills, the Mayor showed up to answer questions.

Steve Coco, for those of you who don’t know, was a long-time news anchor on KALB-TV, and today, he is an elected official, a Rapides Parish Police Juror, having been elected by the slimmest of margins, and a talk radio “pundit” turned blogger.

Steve Coco is a politician.

Which leads me to this:

Does KSYL pay an elected official to be their early morning radio host? Or don’t they?

(For what it is worth, I don’t get paid a dime to run this blog; if anything, it costs money).

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