Sorry kids, Owl City is six years late and a few IQ points short of the band they are blatantly emulating:

Several more videos after the jump:

And Monsters of Folk is the Best New Supergroup of the Last Twelve Months:

And a postscript from the late, great Elliott Smith:

2 thoughts

  1. Just got to say: Any “rock band” that sings about “fireflies hugging me” and “I get misty eyed over fire flies” is a dammed joke! If these guys tried that crap in the 80s they would’ve been beaten up and stuffed in a garbage can. What a bunch of nerds. The kids need to get off the Ritalin and make real rock music. Could anybody imagine Van Halen writing songs about mthr fckn fire flies? And what’s this thing with “rock” bands wearing tee-shirt? A t-shirt? No! Your a rock band you are supposed to dress up and look freaky and scare kids’ mothers. Remember Queen? Freddie Mercury didn’t wear a dammed tee-shirt. No — Freddie came out wearing a crown on his head, a long flowing royal red cape and holding a scepter in his hand.

    Dude! The concert ticket costs a hundred bucks, get a frickin freaky looking costume that makes me say “That dude is a freak. AWESOME!” And no wearing your guitar around your belly. Your a guitarist for a rock band for chrissakes! You wear that guitar down around your knees with the neck pointing up like a giant phallus — Eddie Van Halen style. And people get mad at Adam lambert for simulated oral sex! You should’ve seen the rock concerts I went to as a kid — just when it was time for the guitar solo, what happened? The lead singer had nothing better to do so he’d slide over on his knees in front of the guitarist and his giant guitar-phallus and swirl his head around — that’s simulated oral sex at its finest! And this guy from Owl City sounds like a little boy. What is this? The Mickey Mouse Club? Dude, if the Walt Disney Corporation isn’t afraid of what you are going to do in a live performance you are NOT a rock band. Sing with some power in your voice — your a man not a little kid.

    When a middle aged man like me tells a teenager that the music they listen to is crap, it’s supposed to be because it’s too loud, obnoxious, or the band is so freaky that it scares my puritanical side to death. I’m not supposed to say that “your music sucks” because it really does suck. Man-up and make some real freaky rock music or get the heck off the stage.

    Fireflies are hugging me? Dammed. I think John Denver would’ve been embarrassed to sing that crap.

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