Despite what was reported in both the headline and the body of today’s “City Notebook” in The Town Talk, Daniel T. Smith is not and has never been a Mayoral Assistant.

That said, without a doubt, in my opinion, Daniel, a 26-year-old Rice graduate, is the single most accomplished grant writer in the City of Alexandria during the last two and a half years. I know, first-hand, that his work has resulted in hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in increased investment in Alexandria.

I can only hope that the discussion about Daniel’s work on behalf of the City will be about the value he adds and that it is not some thinly-veiled, politically-motivated attempt at calling into question both the value and the integrity of a young man dedicated to serving his hometown.

Then again, only someone completely desperate and out of ammunition would ever attempt to do such a thing.

3 thoughts

  1. I think I have met the young man at least twice.
    I was impressed. But the Clowns need someone to put in the center ring to torment, so , unfortunately it is him. It is only me? I see a downward decent for Alexandria unless this circus is put on their train and sent out of town.

  2. And once again, correcting the record, despite what another blogger suggested on another blog, I was only addressing the potential discussion of item 1 on the committee agenda, not item 2.

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