Thanks to Ryan, I am an early adopter of GoogleWave, which, as I posted a couple of weeks ago, looks like it could be the death of e-mail.

I don’t have invite privileges yet, but if Google rolls this out the same way they did with Gmail, I should soon. And if they give me 100 invites, like they did with Gmail, I will let all of you know, and I’ll give them all away quickly.

Anyway, if you are an early adopter, look me up. lamarw at googlewave dot com.

Update: After just a couple of hours of using GoogleWave, I am even more convinced in its potential to replace your e-mail client within the next six months, at least the client you use at work.

Update II: Here’s a screenshot:

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  1. Hey guys, I also scored a Wave invite a few days ago as well. Wave me at kepardue {at} googlewave {dot} com. I also don’t have any invites; one person I talked to said that it looks to be taking about 3 weeks for new users to start getting invites.

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