Washington Independent: The War on Joseph Cao

Almost immediately after Joseph Cao became the only Republican in the House of Representatives (and the only Louisiana Congressman) to vote for health care reform, he was bombarded with some incredibly vicious vitriol, ostensibly from fellow Republicans who felt betrayed. The Washington Independent offers us a sampling of remarks made to Cao on the newly-formed Bye Bye Joseph Cao Facebook group:

Screen shot 2009-11-09 at 6.32.51 PM

A few observations: First, I cannot wait to see how John Santoro will “go broke” by supporting a dog for Congress; it should be a campaign for the ages.

Second, I also would love to see how a Todd Sharp-endorsed candidate would fare in Cao’s district, even in a Republican primary. Perhaps he and Mr. Santoro should pool their resources and invest in a dog (I would suggest a golden retriever) who could run as a more conservative candidate. Stranger things have happened in Louisiana politics.

And finally, I call on all Louisianans to immediately boycott Cynthia Reed; I imagine that if you’ve ever met Ms. Reed, it won’t be hard.