OK a break from Politics and something different just in case any of you might be tired of the vast variety of music played on A-town’s radio stations:

First, from Ole Blighty, The Kooks and their song “Shine On”.  You’ve probably heard the chorus in a recent commercial.  They’ve got a clean fun sound.  Their two albums are definitely worth a listen.

And from the US, We Are Scientists who have got to have some of the best videos in recent years.  Their website is nothing but hilarity so google them away.  “The Great Escape”:

And finally “After Hours” which is just funny as can be.

Growing up we actually bought my dad one of those dogs — a German Shorthaired Pointer from a kennel out in Mary Hill (by the VA).  They’re supposed be great bird dogs.  And this one was, just one thing…massive car sickness.  We only got to hunt with her once and that was by taking her to a friends house in Kurthwood the day before and leaving her there until we were ready to hunt.  Otherwise she would ride in the back, then hop out puke everywhere, crawl under the Jeep and wait till we took her home. 😉

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