Starts out slow, but it’s worth the wait:

If what Senator Vitter proposes is to become law, then I think it is only fair to also require mandatory community service from anyone who has ever received tax credits or relied on any form of government incentives for a business transaction. (I wonder if Senator Vitter would support that).

5 thoughts

  1. If only she put that much fire and effort into always fighting for Louisiana instead of caving to the healthcare lobby, or introducing bills (I-14) and letting them die in committee…

  2. Every so often Mary remembers that she’s a Democrat.

    I just wish she would’ve used this line in that speech:

    What if an unfaithful husband gets busted patronizing a prostitute, should the innocent wife be thrown out of her home?

  3. Yes, and what if a seated Senator gets caught up in a sex scandal–should that Senator lose his per diem (which is public assistance for food and housing while in DC)?



  4. 2014 is such a long way away. I want her out of the Democratic party now. Take away her committees. Move her into an office in the basement. Please! Whatever she does to get pork, she would still do as a Republican. Things have gotten to the point that she’s not worth the damage to the Democratic brand. Democratic voters in Louisiana need to know what it feels like to vote for a Democrat.

    Daily Kos seemed to be on the verge of endorsing Vitter. I imagine Mary would be perfectly cool with that.

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