Background: As Oyster points out, the Louisiana Democratic Party issued one heck of a press release today:

As pressure mounts for congressional investigations into charges that ACORN provided financial assistance to prostitutes, David Vitter skipped a key Senate vote yesterday to deny federal funds to the controversial group.

In a press release issued yesterday morning, Vitter declared himself the “Senate’s most outspoken critic of ACORN” and highlighted an amendment he offered last week to strip all federal funding for the group from the transportation appropriations bill.  A few hours later, the Senate voted on an identical amendment, but Vitter did not cast a vote.

Today, the Advocate reported that Vitter has joined other Republicans calling for an investigation into whether ACORN employees “advised people posing as a pimp and prostitute how to skirt federal tax laws.”

“For months, David Vitter has been leading the charge to deny federal money to ACORN, but as soon as the topic of prostitution comes up, he doesn’t even show up to work,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Spokesman Kevin Franck.

Vitter may have skipped the vote to avoid calling attention to his own admission that he frequented prostitutes, according to Franck.

“Tax evasion and prostitution are serious crimes that should be investigated and it would be very surprising if David Vitter and the services he has paid for did not violate tax laws,” Franck added.

And then there is this.

This is Doing a Vitter at a whole new level:

Vitter and U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany, R-Lafayette, are among several Republican lawmakers calling for investigations and audits following three videos released last week in which ACORN workers in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Brooklyn, N.Y., advised people posing as a pimp and prostitute how to skirt federal tax laws.

It’s hard to believe David Vitter and the prostitutes he paid for services didn’t violate a tax law or three.

Maybe if ACORN just calls a quick press conference and mumbles the words “serious sin,” David Vitter will cut them a break.

To be fair, a no-win situation for Vitter, which will remain the case any time prostitution comes up.

To be clear, David Vitter was elected on a “family values” platform, when, all the while, he was seeking the services of “escorts.” After being exposed, Vitter only offered a cursory apology for a vague “serious sin,” while denying all of the other allegations coming out of New Orleans (which had haunted him prior to his phone number popping up on the D.C. Madam’s records).

He deserves to be called out for skipping this vote, particularly considering his previous criticisms of ACORN, and he deserves to be reminded, whenever he’s denouncing prostitution, that he has basically admitted he is guilty of the same crime(s)… yet he has never been prosecuted or reprimanded.

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