Waste of money:

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Initially, I thought, “I can’t believe Kos is taking Vitter’s money,” then I realized how awesomely ridiculous it is: David Vitter is paying to advertise on DailyKos.

That said, at first glance, I thought the ad at the bottom, particularly as it appeared on DailyKos, was sponsored by Vitter’s opponent, Charlie Melancon. And I’m sure I’m not alone.

4 thoughts

  1. I’ve also seen similar D. Vitter ads up at Talking Points Memo/TPM Muckraker.

    Casting an early and wide net. Unusual to remind your opponent’s base you’re up for election.

  2. This is worth the money just for the local buzz it has created right here back home on CenLamar, which has not carried Vitter’s Ad even further onto the Internet Aggregates. Not criticizing, just laying out the actual field of play here for Vitter’s tactic. Every word in a Title rolls over the dice.
    This strategy may even pay bigger dividends when someone on Kos blogs about it, then the Left gets all a’Twitter over it. Then, maybe Huff Post will blog about how Vitty is advertising to the other side and why? Brilliant if you ask me, but don’t ask me ’cause I don’t know shit from shinola with politics. But I do know something of Marketing and I approve of this move. Hell, I bet he gets more hits on that Ad from the stunned Kos’hacks than if a similar banner run in the Times-Picayune. Then with that hits record he can get even more money from donors, to wit: “See how many people are hitting the Senator’s Ad” –it doesn’t matter who, the hits are what counts dollars.

    Just another note on Marketing Political Ads, Melancon’s looks like a Danger Zone Approach With Caution, while Vitty’s looks like a Senator’s Website Logo.
    Hey, I hate the bitch too but underestimate his organizational prowess at your peril.

  3. Sorry, TYPO:
    {CenLamar, which has noW carried Vitter’s Ad even further onto the Internet Aggregates.} I thought the point important enough to correct.
    As part of my “hobby” I have timed to an average of usually an hour at most from the time a Title or Lede is posted on the Internet and when it starts to show up on one or more of my own Dozens of (differently configured) Aggregate Search Engines, usually State-wide. But about that lag-time for a simple Google search. Half-hour to an Hour, sometimes a few hours, never more than a day. Of course the Wording is all important, but lets face it: Vitter. Type Vitter in Google and you will see what I mean.

    But I think it should be noted that when you repeat online the words of your opponent it should always be beneath the words of your challenger, especially in your Titles. This is not philosophy but math.
    However, the survival of our Democracy is a tad more complicated, eh?

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