One thought

  1. Yes! He needs to kick some ass and roll some tide, Lamar. I’m just about tired of the Bourgeois Nievete youngsters who think they got Obama elected, standing in the middle of the road waiting for the next Jack Boot to fall. These little missives from the After’birthers Health Care Protests are Nothing but run-throughs in the Practice of Ignore this Presidency. I am hoping Our Hero realized that these crappy doos are simply rehearsals, script readings if you will, to diminish his Presidential Legitimacy, like the stupid ignorant School Speech Boo’Rah. Don’t get me started. It isn’t about opposing Health Care Reform. That’s what I’m saying. It is about opposing the Presidency as an Institution. I just wish Our Hero would get off of just riding this One Trick Pony and give us some Work, like WPA Rail Building or Fire Fighting Prevention or what the forkin’eva.
    Thanks youz, for posting on Labor Day.
    Happy Labor’atory!

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